Don’t Blink. Parents, Here’s Why!

Don’t Blink. That’s right, don’t blink. Oops, you already did, didn’t you? Literally, one moment you are a complete zombie wearing a 3-day-old t-shirt with spit-up on it and you can’t even complete a sentence or mumble any sort of coherent human interaction because you are so sleep-deprived from the NO SLEEP inducing infant you’ve…


The Latest Social Media Craze Killing Kids-All Parents Need To Know About Now

Are kids really this stupid? Uhhhh, the answer is YES! It’s all kinds of so screwed up. But it’s real. And YOU need to know about it. It’s the latest social media craze killing kids. It’s called The Tide Pod Challenge. Yep. Kids are EATING Tide Laundry Pods. And then to make themselves think they…

Empower Your Kids With The Empowered Mom

Capturing The Moments That Matter: Empowering Your Kids

Capturing The Moments That Matter: Empower Your Kids. Especially your Tweens and Teens. You blinked, didn’t you? You’re exhausted!  What is sleep? You’re not sleeping, the babies aren’t sleeping, and now sleep-deprivation has truly overtaken any memory of sanity and any recognition of YOU – or who you once were before kids. You prayed to…

The Empowered Mom Christmas Traditions Getting a Real Tree Griswold's or Hallmark Channel

This Is Us. Who Are You? Hallmark Channel or The Griswold’s? Empowering Expectations

“This Is Us” – a Mix of The Hallmark Channel Vs. The Griswold’s How many of you can relate to this? Going to get a Christmas tree or take family pictures or go to a one of the fun family events going on this time of year and you picture laughter and fun and holding…


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: The Empowered Mom Podcast is HERE! You Can Listen NOW!

Are You Overwhelmed, Overworked and Over-Stressed? Duh! Show me a Mom who isn’t, right? That’s why this HUGE announcement and official LAUNCH of the very first The Empowered Mom Podcast is finally here. You’ve been asking and asking and asking and now, (after lots of late nights, no sleep, in the studio, production team, PR,…


Mother’s Day-The EMPOWERED Mom Way

Today is ‘officially’ Mother’s Day. But let’s get real. Every day is Mother’s Day. Meaning: every single day we mother, we are mothered, we are loving, we are loved, we are our children’s mothers, we have our own mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, mentors, and incredibly brilliant women in our lives that brilliantly impact our lives,…