The Empowered Mom Christmas Traditions Getting a Real Tree Griswold's or Hallmark Channel

This Is Us. Who Are You? Hallmark Channel or The Griswold’s? Empowering Expectations

“This Is Us” – a Mix of The Hallmark Channel Vs. The Griswold’s

How many of you can relate to this?

Going to get a Christmas tree or take family pictures or go to a one of the fun family events going on this time of year and you picture laughter and fun and holding hands…. and then. REALITY.

You’re all arguing, kids are fighting and you’re absolutely exasperated and worn out.

And THAT is BEFORE even getting out of the driveway!!!!

That’s exactly what happened to us when we went to go get our Christmas tree this year. And I know you can relate, so I just had to share this hilarious, maddening, chaotic, merriment and the chorus of, “WE WILL have FUN and MAKE this a FUN, FOND, FAMILY MEMORY!!!!”  You think it’s going to be The Hallmark Channel – instead it’s more like This Is Us and The Griswold’s.

Can you relate?

I know you’re shaking your heads right now. It’s more like a chorus of “ohhhh, myyy gawwwd, this is my life.” Here’s what happened…