Jul 13

Jumping Naked on a Trampoline and Other Empowering Things To Do – Why YOU SHOULD!

Jumping Naked On a Trampoline - Why You Should and Why It's Empowering!

Jumping Naked On a Trampoline – Why You Should and Why It’s Empowering!

It’s sweltering outside!

Time to shed some clothes and have some summer fun! (That’s definitely an Empowering Thing!)

So what will you do today? Some fun in the sun and Swimming? Looking for things to do at this mid-point in the summer?

How ’bout the grill. Throw on some hot dogs…  which leads me to what I wanna do.

I wanna jump naked on a trampoline. And Dance. But lots of jumping.  High. And do flips. And toe-touches.

Here’s why it’s so important…  and why it can dramatically change your life for the better.

Dancing, Jumping, even toe-touches on a trampoline….

Naked toe-touches.

Wow. Now THAT’s a visual.

Isn’t the point, really……the freedom.

Think about it for a minute.  Picture yourself – right now- jumping naked on a trampoline.

Jumping Naked on A Trampoline - Why It's So Empowering!

The sheer exhilaration.  The fun.  (Yes, the drafts. And we’re NOT discussing the jiggling.)

But really, the freedom.  Freedom of not caring. Of yanking off the choking albatross of self-consciousness and burning it or burying it or stomping on it…. or forever saying goodbye.   Shedding the cloak of caring too much about what others think rather than reveling in the pure joy of life.

Empowering Dance

Just Let Go! Jump For Joy – It’s Empowering!

Just Let Go

It’s exhausting.  Holding on so tightly.  The worry and wondering.  The concerns of self-consciousness.  You know it wears you out.

I get so tired of the ‘what will they think of me.’  Or ‘no, I can’t do that, can you imagine what I’d look like?’  Or the forever companion…’hope they don’t watch me walk out of the room so they don’t look at my ass.’

Unless, of course… I was jumping naked on a trampoline…and in which case, not only would I NOT care if you were looking at said ass, I would most probably be welcoming you to enjoy the view.

When you let go… you open up the possibilities.  The insurmountable suddenly seems… well, like child’s play.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘Let Go and Let God.’

Just Let Go. And Let Him.

Give Yourself Permission

Ahh, but it doesn’t just happen.  You have to give yourself permission.  Yes, that’s what seems to happen as we grow into adults.

Some say ‘you get older- you get wiser’.  But some get tarnished, cynical, shackled.

Give yourself permission.
Return to succulent opportunity.
Delicious possibility.
The juiciness of a world of delight.

Remember when you were a kid?  The lazy summer days…boundless and full of discovery.

Throw off the mantle of inhibition now holding you back.  In whatever it is.  Career. Parenting. Finances. Health. Or maybe it’s more intangible.  Creativity. Boldness. Wonder.  But chances are….it’s holding you back from happiness.

That’s what happens when we hold ourselves back.  We close ourselves off.  Energy is sucked out of your soul.  Denying it the fuel of delight.  Then your souls begins – oh so slowly –  fading…until one day, darkness exists… or varying shades of grey.

A numbing nothingness.

A spirit left starving.

Quiet desperation.  You wake up one day unfulfilled, unhappy and unsure why.

And now fearful.

She took the Leap and Built her wings on the way down – EMPOWER YOURSELF!

Break The Barriers To Growth

Sometimes we have to be nudged, scooted, coaxed.  But sometimes you have to be flat-out pushed.

Like a young bird in the nest….snuggled, safely tucked into the warmth, comfort and safety.  But unaware of the thrill of soaring, the beauty yet unseen, the vast landscapes of wonderment.

It’s the same with self-consciousness.  It breeds insecurity.   Break free of its choke-hold!  Not only does it stop you from growing.  It stops you from even attempting or trying new things, to be silly, to laugh, to marvel, to discover. Leaving you sitting on the sidelines instead of glowing in the glory of life.

So instead – throw off the shackle of self-consciousness!  Fill your soul with empowering strength.   One of my favorite sayings is:

“Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.”

So, BE BOLD!!  Be open to infinite possibilities.

Now…go discover more of your glory, your extraordinary, your delight.

Start by…  jumping naked on a trampoline.


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