Apr 05

Clothe Yourself Empowered. Here’s How.

I am SO EXCITED to share this with everyone!!  I am Crazy About It!

So many cool, exciting and FABULOUS things have happened in such a short time at The Empowered Mom!

One is the discovery of the fantastic company:  Empowered Clothing Company.  I want to introduce you to them.

Here’s their thinking:
We LIVE ON PURPOSE. We face challenges with grace. We love because we care. We give and do not expect in return. We care EXTREME. We fight to REPRESENT. When we fail, we stand again. Our voices are the loudest. We deliver. We are an unbreakable force. We know because we listen. INSPIRATION is real. LOVE IT!

All the folks at Empowered are RockStars… Javier Gamboa, Tommy Pierucki, Heather Pierucki, Jeff Hecht.

Their mission to inspire everyone to find their purpose in life, and to feel empowered to LIVE that purpose. Through their brand, they broadcast and live a positive message, help you build your self-esteem and fight for what you believe in. Live On Purpose!

You’ll be hearing more about them as we move forward in the partnership, but they sent me some of their HIP, HOT designs so I could see what they’re all about.  They are very cool!

And they have so many more!

How can a shirt make a difference? The messages you surround yourself with, the thoughts you fill your brain with , the fuel you feed yourself – all create your life!

And more importantly, what you model, how you live, how you think: YOUR KIDS WILL TOO! Because more than anything, I LIVE as The Empowered Mom and that means I want these guys Empowered too!

Live On Purpose!  Live With Purpose! Live EMPOWERED!




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