Apr 07

4 Ways To Shift Focus Now. And Why You Should.

It’s been a flurry of activity in our house.

No, I mean MORE than usual.

With the launch of The Empowered Mom and the partnership opportunities and all the developments there, as well as Luce Media, LLC clients, it’s been thrilling, fulfilling and non-stop.  But while I was filling up, others were draining.

Just ask Ace, my oldest.

With my attention so diverted and so focused on work, I actually got a bit lost.  I lost my direction, lost my internal compass of priority. Let me explain.

Last week I was on a conference call – and as luck would have it – it was right after school.  The timing sucked, but it couldn’t be helped.  And, as a result, the boys were running around the house, up the walls, and down the streets – all in an attempt to get my attention. ‘ Here I am, Momma, notice me, notice me.’

I’m on the phone flailing my arms and in over-exaggerated motions, mouthing a silent yell, “I-AM-ON-THE-PHONE!!!!!!

Ace comes back into the office for what God knows HAS rto be the 6th time. (Yes, he’s the one – at 8 years old – I already have applying for law schools. He has a laser-beam ability to negotiate that would rival the nation’s top legal minds…. and probably leave them in the dust.)

“Momma, Momma.”  he attempts again.   I roll my eyes, cup the phone, and HISS, “Can’t you see I’m on the phone!!!  And this is VERY IMPORTANT!!!”

He lifts his little eyes, now  tears streaming down face, “But Momma, your kids are more importanter than that call.  I am more importanter, I thought.”

Ouch.  I crumbled inside.  And tried not to let my voice crack as I went back to the call.  But only to wrap up a couple of details.  Because the big issues were running around the house and now, had tears running down their face.

Focus.  Sometimes you need to realize where you need to focus.  Or who needs your focus.  In the hustle and bustle of our days, don’t forget what’s most important of all.

Here’s some guidelines for adjusting your focus – and knowing if you should or not.

1. Are you living in the moment?  Or are you physically present and mentally absent.  Kids have a keen sense of awareness when it comes to this.  They know when you’re distracted.  Take a moment to let everything else go and focus.  In this age of distraction, and doing 7 things at once, there’s really only one thing that needs 7 times your attention.

2. There’s a time and a place. An important one.  Just because your kids WANT all your attention, doesn’t mean they automatically get it, all the time.  They have to learn priorities and the importance of your work, your responsibilities.  But empowerment means taking control of that and showing that to your children.

3. Your TIME is your kid’s currency. Sometimes I know that my kids have a simple request.  My TIME.  It can be as little as 10 minutes of my undivided attention.  Giving that is a gift that can’t be bought.  But one that will give – to each of you – for a lifetime.

4. Unplug. A dual meaning here.  Unplug the phone, the computer and yourself.  No returning an email, no texting.  No answering the door, or running an errand.  Focus fully on your child.  And unplug yourself from all your outside stresses, pressures, responsibilities.

Because sometimes there’s just nothing more importanter.

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