May 15

Business At Baseball: Empowered Everywhere

The Empowered Mom Is The Lucky MomMoms are SERIOUS about their Baseball. Rather their 11-year-old-certainly-soon-to-be-signed-by-Major-League-Baseball! Or so it seems! Jeez! They are LITTLE boys! Let them have FUN!

But yesterday, when I was going between two of my little’s games, different times, different fields, I was doing business.

Yes. Business At Baseball.

Making calls, confirming details, approving scripts – Oh, he’s up to bat? – I look up momentarily and realized I missed his at bat. Run to the next game. My other is on deck – can’t miss it. But, yet, another phone call, let me just return this text real quick here. Perfect-whew, at least I saw him hit a double. Back to the other game and also back to business at the same time.

I mean, there are SO MANY EXCITING business developments happening, The Empowered Mom TV Segments airing this week, a life-changing, MASSIVE conference also coming up this week at Women’s Leadership LIVE, running from game to game, things are exploding and pretty soon, I felt I was imploding. Missed him again slide into home.

I had to breathe, I had to find my way back ‘home’.

And then this:

True North. The compass for directing my energy, my TIME, in that moment.

Such a small little flower making such a big impact.

So remember what MATTERS. Empower yourself with what MATTERS.

And so for me, that simple, precious flower reminded me of what mattered.

The Business of Baseball.

My boys playing baseball.

I didn’t miss any more of their plays, slides, scores, batting.

I was there when they turned with excitement to see if I was watching them, and saw the joy on their faces when they knew I saw them!

And THAT is what matters.



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