Apr 23

Oops! How NOT to Get Fired Your First Day On The Job

You HAVE to see this!

Remember YOUR first day on a new job?

It doesn’t compare to this poor kid’s debut…

His FIRST DAY on the job.

Became his LAST DAY on the job.

Here’s why….


Clear the kids away and OUT of hearing range!!

The newly-hired and fresh-faced anchor for  the North Dakota NBC affiliate KFYR was fired Monday, one day after opening his first day on the air with a string of bleeped words when he didn’t realize his microphone was on.

Did you hear that?

No, not that!

Did you hear the huge sucking sound of his broadcast career, right? Stay tuned and keep reading on…

Listen, as a long-time news anchor and reporter – you ALWAYS HAVE TO ACT AS IF THE MICROPHONE IS ON!!! But sometimes, as in Young A.J.’s case…you learn the hard way.

(And by the way, you should ALWAYS know the names of your fellow anchors! Hello co-anchor! She couldn’t even say his name – maybe THAT’S what he cussed about… )

He tweeted an apology. And was very remorseful. I mean, c’mon, the guy’s a rookie, right? Give him a break.

So the station did.

They broke up the relationship. Later that day, his very first day at KFYR, also became his last.

Yep, He got fired.

Man, talk about insult to injury!

Since that time, though, the situation is blown up even more than his on-air debut. The video’s gone viral, A.J. Clemente’s twitter feed has exploded to over 10-thousand followers and GET THIS: tomorrow morning he is a guest on The Today Show!!

Maybe we should all take a lesson. No, please don’t go cussing out everywhere. But take some of the ‘bumps in the road’ and turn ’em into opportunities.

Speak on, young A.J., speak on.


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