Jul 31

It’s Like Santa for Your Va-Jay-Jay!

“It’s like Santa for your vagina!”

This is just one of the many epic lines from the newest tampon commerciall that is pure brilliance. And empowering for women everywhere!

It’s camp.

It’s summer.

And you get your first period.

That sucks.


Except now, the folks over at Hello Flo have managed to turn a previously seen negative into a HILARIOUS positive in their “Camp Gyno” commercial.  And it’s about damn time!

Girls learn to fear this ‘red badge of courage’ as an impending and mysterious part of their future, women tend to succumb to the inevitable monthly intrusion on their bodies, moods and psyche – wishing for the day they no longer have to deal with its effects.  Then ultimately, those same women, who once wished it gone – learn the alternative effects of peri-menopause and menopause and often wish they had those very same hormones coursing through their bodies.


This is just one small two-minute step in modern pop culture which may help the celebration!

Here’s what the buzz is all about:


Instead of some dreaded, mystical and mysterious montlhly mayhem – the folks at Hello Flo – a “monthly subscription service” for Tampons, pads and candy delivered right to your door. Simplified, period.” They now take the monthly cycle from mystery to majestic as the camper becomes the Queen Bee, the Joan of Arc and ‘Camp Gyno’ for all the other campers.

And uses the words ‘period’, ‘vagina; and the hilarious phrase, ‘menstruation demonstration’.  The latter pairing a demo with the help of “Dora, The Explorer”.  I wonder if the pun was intended.

Regardless, the two-minute triumph is an empowering, exhilarating and exuberant victory for females everywhere!

And not just entertaining – but profitable as well.

Naama Bloom, Hello Flo’s founder,  told the Wall Street Journal that the idea for the company came from her own desire for a service that wasn’t just a reminder – but also a provider of sanitary products. And for men? Well, apparently, according to Bloom – men just don’t quite get. And not just periods. She’s talking the business model.  “I’ve certainly had some men ask me what I would sell next, as if half the world’s population that menstruates once a month isn’t a big enough business,” Bloom told The Verge in March of this year. “There are men out there who don’t think this is a very big market, but it’s $8 billion a year in the US.”

And it’s an $8 billion dollar business that Bloom wants a part of – and just might get with the “Camp Gyno” ad.  It’s more than just ‘Santa for your vagina’ – it’s a celebration of women!

Merry Christmas.


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