May 08

CRIME ALERT! Don’t Let Energy Robbers Steal Your Power!

Crime Scene: Negative People and Energy Robbers Crime Wave There’s a crime wave sweeping the country.  Are YOU their target? Or are you, this very minute, being ROBBED?

It happens to all of us.  And it’s happened to me.

I’ve been ROBBED!

Energy Robbers have stolen my time and energy and the Negative Nellies threaten to take over.  Yes, Negative People are Energy Drainers. Has this ever happened to you?  They are everywhere. And they will steal you blind! They are Energy Drainers and many are Complainers.

Here’s what YOU can do to prevent yourself from being a victim of negative ENERGY ROBBERS. Instead – here’s some powerful tips you can use right now to EMPOWER yourself and remove the negative, energy-drainers from your life.

So, since so many of you are my faithful followers online (Clapping! THANK You!! I appreciate you!), many of you are aware of my recent rants….like:

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Dont make me go all Italian FB postYou can find more “Let’s get real rants” and the Empowering solutions here on The Empowered Mom Page on Facebook.

And I VERY MUCH appreciate the OVERWHELMING support. (And yes, I seriously did say,’Don’t make me go all Italian on you!’) That’s when you know: Be afraid. Be VEWY VEWY afraid. My kids and my hubby know better – heck, even the dog goes running when I get ‘there’…

Yes. I had been a victim of a crime. ENERGY ROBBERS! and NEGATIVE NELLIES! They’d somehow set up base camp in my own personal space.

Then it occurred to me.

Ah-HA! Lightbulb Moment People! I have all the Energy!

Ah-HA! Lightbulb Moment People! I have all the Energy!

Why was I LETTING these negative people ROB me of my energy???!!!

Keyword: LETTING!  It’s so easy to happen. They are very tricky. And VERY insidious. Before you know it – they’ll call YOUR Life Headquarters too!

Here’s some tips to remove the Energy Robbers – those Energy Drainers and The Complainers:

You must remain diligent and aware for people affectionately called, “Negative Nellies.”  I prefer the more proactive and empowering: ENERGY ROBBERS!!

Arrest them! Sentence them and send them away.  Or rather: SIMPLY REMOVE YOURSELF from the situation.

And where it’s not possible to literally remove them out of your life completely (say at office, workplace, neighborhood, school, everydayness) – then take a gut check on yourself! And make yourself impenetrable from their toxicity.  Face it, some people just WANT to be toxic – they get something out of it. But you don’t have to let them infect you with their toxins.

Be aware of your surroundings. It’s better to be around people that you want to be inspired by and motivate you to do your best then around people that are trying to drag you down with them all the time.

People inspire you or they drain you - pick them wisely!

People inspire you or they drain you – pick them wisely!

I’ve had a situation recently that has stolen so much positive and left only negative DRAMA!

Said a dear, trusted close confidante: “Why give this anymore of your time? This just seems to be dragging you down. If it’s such a good thing, then why are you letting it have so much of you?”

Wow. That one stung. And they were right! (Thank YOU!)

I was GIVING it/them/the situation my time, energy, and expertise.

What was I getting?

Drama. Negativity. Shadows. Secrets. Misinformation.


That’s a gut check people!!!!

Be aware of the warning signs!  Intuition. Gut. Instinct. Flight or Fight Response. Guttural, visceral alerts all over the place. Listen to those – do NOT ignore the signs!

Like those nifty, high-tech alarm systems we have on our homes – y’know: designed to keep the bad guys OUT. Put on your own alarm for people just waiting to steal your Power, your Light, your Zen. They are Energy Robbers in disguise and THEY WILL RANSACK YOU – IF YOU LET THEM.

Set your alarm.  Then LISTEN to it!  Red Flags, intuition. Whatever your favorite term is  – just know it’s an internal alarm for danger.  Kinda like the robot, remember….  from um, that TV show…

Ya, like that.

“Danger Will Robinson. Danger.”

Heed the warnings but here’s the best part: You can do something about it! Right now!

Be aware of Your Internal Guides and Alarms

Empower yourself.  You have ALL the power!  YOU hold the keys.  You have the double-secret ‘code’ – if you will. So EMPOWER Yourself.  Set your own personal code – and when Energy Robbers are lurking… they are looking for an easy target or ANY target.  DON’T let that target be YOU!

Know your needs, your desires. Play to your strengths and not to their insecurities or their need to be negative.  Pick up on the cues and consciously notice when you feel uplifted or plunged downward by the people in your life.  And again – if you can’t remove them altogether, then remove their ability to negatively impact YOU.


Surround yourself with what – and who – matters most. 

Who Do You Spend Your Time With?


Don’t let the Energy Drainers, The Complainers or the Energy Robbers steal from you.

EMPOWER yourself and stay in the positive!


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