Mar 05

Why The Blog? Who Is The Empowered Mom℠?

There’s a reason for everything, right? And there’s a reason for this blog.  I’m a storyteller.  A Writer. A wordsmith.  A reporter.  A Speaker.  Some say that’s PC for loud-mouth.  But yes, I’ve built a career on talking.  I like to think over my years in Broadcast News as an anchor and reporter, that I’ve given a voice to people, words, and their stories.  And now I’m giving a voice to my words and my message. And through The Empowered Mom℠ .com, I’m giving a voice to YOU, the amazing, strong, working moms, stay-at-home moms, in between moms, wanna-be moms and empty-nester moms.  YOU all can be The Empowered Mom℠ .

A bit about my story.  On top of the 3 wonderful kids my husband “brought with him.”  (We affectionately refer to them as ‘the first three.’)  We were blessed with 3 boys within 21 months – yes, a set a twins in there.  Delivered along with my blue-eyed boys was a tsunami of chaos.  A torrential tide of joy, struggle, chaos, hormones, diapers, poop, spit-up, and a complete mental blur.  The emotional rollercoaster  left me shell-shocked and filled with ups and downs of  happiness and exhaustion.  Riding the rails often left me feeling dazed, confused and flat-out overwhelmed!

Disappearing along this journey was any recognition of my former self..  I lost myself.  Many a day I looked in the mirror at this stranger people kept referring to with my name.  Depression set in.  Each day presented a struggle to enjoy every moment with these precious babies and yet a struggle just to get through the day.  Gone was the career, replaced with questions of, “so what do you do?”  “You’re not working?”

The Empowered Mom℠  blog, website, speaker, vlogger, etc….has a message to share that I think  ALL women need to hear. My hope is The Empowered Mom℠ will  give a voice to all women, as a way to stay empowered, tools for you to use every day, techniques to use and  tips to making your life stronger, more powerful and yes, making YOU The Empowered Mom℠ .  And especially to all moms who have ever NOT felt empowered, or lost your power – this is also for YOU.  An opportunity and a tool designed for you!

How can I speak to that?  Along my journey to motherhood  (infertility) and IN motherhood, I LOST my power.  This is my journey in living as The Empowered Mom℠ .  Now, YOU CAN TOO!  It’s a dynamic continuum – not a destination. Everyday can be an opportunity for growth and sometimes an insipid deflation of our power.  We look back and wonder who we are.

Being a mom does not define you entirely.  You are a person with an identity all your own. But it’s a chorus repeated nationwide, “I’m Jeffrey’s mom”, “I’m Hannah’s mommy.”  “I’m Kevin’s wife.”  You lose YOU.  You are no longer known for yourself but for your role, your job, and your duties.

And women take this on like champions.   A characteristic both bold and yet stifling.  A fatal flaw to the “I-was-once-a-person” moms, because soon the role becomes the definition.  Unrecognized is the woman who is an individual in and of herself – with talents and gifts and unique characteristics.  The gift becomes the grind if you let Mom replace Me.

My message to you. Live your Authentic Voice.  If you’re not , then I have good news.  Number one, you already know it and number two you CAN find your way back, you CAN find YOUR POWER and LIVE it.  You can live empowered and BE THE EMPOWERED MOM℠.

So who is The Empowered Mom℠ ?  She is a tower of power. A foundation for her family.   She is the working mom, the-stay-at-home mom, the expectant mom and the Empty-Nester Mom.  And yes, she is the Want-To-Be Mom.

So welcome.  Join me as we laugh and cry, share and celebrate on our journey as The Empowered Mom℠.


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  1. PJ

    Nice site and good background; as a professional journalist (you not me) I’m sure you know how tough it can be to post on a regular basis. Good stuff.

    Be safe and take care…

    1. Maria Luce - The Empowered Mom℠.

      Thank you PJ! Yes, as a journalist, I strive for only offering credible information and quality! Blog posts are easy – but QUALITY is KING of the content. Anyone can post – but powerful writing infused with informative and useful subjects and stories rise above chatter.

      Just days from now our NEW website is launching and will be LIVE! You won’t want to miss it! If you have a woman in your life that you love, you’ll share with her and with everyone you know. It’s designed to inform, uplift, inspire, celebrate, offer honesty and humor as we walk through this journey – that’s The Empowered Mom!

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