Apr 07

Are You CRAZY?! Yes! Greatest Person of The Day!!

Are you Crazy? Get CrazyWithACause !

Once homeless and hungry herself,  Cheryl “Action” Jackson has been named Greatest Person Of The Day!

She’s crazy about giving back to the community!  We are supporters, volunteer for, and are close advocates of Minnie’s Food Pantry .

Check out why:


One of my reasons for The Empowered Mom’s is sharing the journey, the laughs and ways to give back.  It’s one of my building blocks.  Through my CrazyWithACause™ Project, I passionately promote philanthropy and charitable causes. It’s my belief that by uplifting others, we create a better community, a better world.  I encourage you, as parents, to empower your kids by embracing new ways of making a difference, and giving back.  We know teaching our kids to give back comes in many ways – giving can be by DOING.

CrazyWithACause℠ is connected and active in several non-profit organizations.  Some of them include:  our fantastic friends at Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, also  The One Heart Project, our dear friends and founders of Dallas Uncorked and our belief and close ties with Minnie’s Food Pantry. We believe in all these causes; we support, volunteer and are active with them, more importantly, our children are as well.

Cheryl “Action” Jackson exemplifies The Empowered Mom!

Please find a way to EMPOWER others – you’ll see it will EMPOWER YOU.

C’mon!!  Get Crazy with Me!!


  1. Cheryl Jackson

    Thank you for sharing this article with your thousands of readers. To be chosen for such an honor is incredible but to have someone I personally know agree with this article is more important. I appreciate being connected to THE EMPOWERED MOM and I am here if you ever need me.
    Cheryl Action Jackson

    1. The Empowered Mom

      Thank you! Will continue to support the amazing service you offer and more importantly – seeing the lives that are completely changed and made BETTER by Minnie’s Food Pantry and the transformation in people’s lives! It’s about service, humility, giving, and taking “Action”! To God Be The Glory!

      Can’t wait to support the upcoming national interview and exclusive story about you, your mother and the incredible story that will be airing on the upcoming Mother Day’s special on CBS Network, The Talk!

      We will highlight this tremendous achievement as the show airs and encourage others to take the challenge and take “Action” as Minnie’s Food Pantry goes nationwide!

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