Jun 25

One of the Best Things to do in Dallas – Team Toney Meets The RoughRiders

It’s Summer,  people.

Time for fun, relaxation and… then comes the question: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??

Well, if you’re like our family, you are ALWAYS looking for great family activities and things to do for you family.

We recently experienced probably one of THE best moments our boys ever had.

It was truly a PERFECT GRANDSLAM!!

We went to a baseball game at the Dr. Pepper BallPark in Frisco.  I’d given my husband season tickets to the Frisco RoughRiders for his birthday.Dr Pepper Park

We got a call from the Riders organization asking if our boys wanted to go out on the field with the players for the national anthem.

Of course, that sounded pretty cool for them.  Our thoughts were they would like up along the third base line with the team or something similar.

We were already all excited – but we had NO IDEA of the INCREDIBLE adventure about to unfold.

It surpassed ALL of our wildest imaginations —

Here’s how it goes:

The stadium announcer starts off with his usual “Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise to welcome your Frisco RoughRiders and the singing of our National Anthem.  And what did that crowd hear next?

“Starting in left field – LUKE TONEY – alongside Teodoro Martinez.  In Center Filed – JACK TONEY playing with Ryan Strasbouger and in Right Field – CHRISTIAN TONEY playing next to Chin Chiang.”

Out on the field they went!!!

The boys actually got to RUN OUT ON FIELD *WITH* the players….  run out of the dugout and onto the field.



There’s been nothing like it!

Team Toney

These are the memories that LAST A LIFETIME!



We’ve always thought the Frisco RoughRider’s are a classy, well run, family focused organization to start with.  If you have not had a chance to take your family there – now is the time to do it.  You and your kids will create an instant memory that won’t soon leave their brains.

You know – the type of things they write about – “What I did this summer” –  on the first day back at school.

But for these boys – that extra step out there on the field with the pros – this memory will last long after this summer – long after the first day of school…. and for years to come.

For us as parents – What could be more Empowering?

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