May 03

The Wildly Underpaid MOM!

Stay at Home Mom's are Underpaid!

I’ve got an idea for Mother’s Day.  So hopefully, the hubs is reading this and will see it.

Instead of getting me breakfast in bed, letting me sleep in or even get me some nice jewelry – how about you get me this: a PAYCHECK.  That’s right – a check to cover my salary, bonus, benefit, paid time off, and other perks for the next year.  And I can tell you exactly how much to make the check out for: $115,432.

Huh, – how did I come up with that number?  Read on

I read with interest Salary.com’s latest “Mom Salary Survey,” which this year is based on the input of 6,616 mothers, 1,724 of whom work outside the home.

According to Salary.com it based its “Mom Job” on Certified Compensation Professional benchmarking principles that determine the value of a job. In the case of stay-at-home moms and their counterparts who work outside the home, the job description includes, among others: psychologist, Computer Operator I, facilities manager, CEO, cook, day-care teacher, chauffeur, referee, construction manager, CFO, and laundry machine operator.

Based on the hours they devoted to each of those duties, a stay-at-home mom would’ve earned a base salary of $36,968 plus $78,464 in overtime, for total compensation of $115,432.

A mom working outside the home would have earned (in addition to her actual paycheck) a base of $39,968 plus $23,709 in overtime, for a total of $63,472. (Still, in my expert opinion is ENTIRELY TOO FLIPPING LOW – and barely covers the headache remedy meds or wine supplies.)

Funny, but all I remember getting in compensation was random gifts throughout the year plus breakfast served to me in bed on Mothers Day. Not to mention: no access to an EAP, paid time off, benefits or job training. Well … thanks Mom! And Happy Mothers Day….to me.

(Truly, as an aside, the compensation is so far beyond a paycheck and dollars can never replace hugs, kisses, precious time with my children and the joy I see in their faces.  That’s beyond dollars. No amount of money can replace the love I have for my kids and theirs in return.  BUT, it’d be nice to have monetary compensation!!!)

What is Mom’s Work Worth – Use the calculator here

On Mother’s Day, did you tell your mom her market value

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