Apr 09

Elementary Kids Feel Breast Implants AT SCHOOL – WHAT!?!

Do you remember your career day at school?  Ever feel breast implants at your career day?

That’s EXACTLY what happened at one elementary school and 9-Year-Olds feel breast implants at the career day presentation!

That’s a bigger cup-sized career day blunder as it would be if the local urologist brought a show-and-tell example of some of the stuff they do….

Wow.  Career Days certainly have changed.

Can anyone say, ‘lobotomy’?  Because someone wasn’t thinking clearly.



  1. Marie

    (*picking jaw up off of floor*)

    1. The Empowered Mom

      I know! I’m with you! So unbelievable! But it’s true. (As a reporter, I am obliged to add the word ‘allegedly’.) As a parent and The Empowered Mom – I’m going to follow this story and provide any follow-up information whether school district reactions/comments as well as parent response.

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