Clothe Yourself Empowered. Here’s How.

I am SO EXCITED to share this with everyone!!  I am Crazy About It! So many cool, exciting and FABULOUS things have happened in such a short time at The Empowered Mom! One is the discovery of the fantastic company:  Empowered Clothing Company.  I want to introduce you to them. Here’s their thinking: We LIVE ON…

Tsunami Dog Reunion!

A reunion amidst the odds.  A happy ending for one pet owner and his pooch.  And some good news to share with your kids    The pup floating at sea for 3 weeks was reunited this morning.  The dog’s owner, saw a news report, and recognized his dog.  “Ban” and owner are now happily back together.…

Game Changer! The 50 Most Empowering Words!

  50 EMPOWERING WORDS Suffice to say, words CHANGE LIVES.   They move us to move mountains.  They break spirits.  They can also build, embolden, and yes, EMPOWER. Words have brilliance and the potential power to unleash emotions strong enough to overwhelm each and every one of us.  Words incite us, inspire us, make us fall…

The Brain Drain Cabernet. Comfort Me With Cabernets.

By Demand and Popular Request I am re-posting one of my posts – and one of my personal favorites.  Salute! 

Comfort me with Cabernets.
My brain’s not screwed in tight.
Help me plug my ears in case it
Wanders out of sight.
With a new vintage in one hand
And a corkscrew on my right
I forget about the world
And I sleep just fine at night.