1. Patsy Jones

    Maria I have known you for sometime. You and my daughter were in school together. “Carolyn Jones”. It is so good to read your articles and thank you for trying to encourage women to be better. Being a mother is the greatest job women can have in their lives. It took me sometime to figure out what I really wanted in my life…it was my family, husband, children…and now my grandchildren. I love every minute I have had..even in the not so good times…and they are learning curves. In helping with my grandchildren has been the greatest joy, and I can relax some and know if you love your children, teach them to be good people, love God, Country and respect others things will turn out just fine. Keep up the good work and I know you are helping many young women and some older just like me. Patsy Jones

    1. The Empowered Mom

      Patsy – You are as precious as your daughter! And you are so right – Motherhood is the most rewarding, joyful ‘job’ and the most important thing we can do, but many times the learning curves feel more like cliffs and Mount Everest – and the only ‘manual on parenting’ I know is The Bible. And I’m still looking for the chapter on laundry and the internet safety for kids and sibling fighting and whining and many other minefields. 😉 But the joy is far beyond measure and last a lifetime! And basic values, tenets and integrity, respect, morals and doing the right things are the guides we need to live and the values we need to pass on.
      Your thoughts are so very appreciated and respected – and you’re so right, these basic beliefs of empowering ourselves is about every woman, no matter what stage in our lives – it makes us better people so we may serve better, love better and live better.
      God Bless You Patsy – and big Hugs!!

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