Aug 15

What Happens When Facing Change? Media, Moms, Live Interview & Thinking On Your Feet

We all face change. And often it happens in an instant. And especially as parents. You learn to adjust, switch gears and think on your feet.  And that’s what happened today. Live radio and television interviews lined up starting early this morning. The topic? Savoring The Last Days of Summer.  And while LIVE ON-AIR – …

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Aug 12

Back-To-School Time: The First Day of School Bittersweet Exhuberation…Tears and Triumph: Empowering Our Kids: Empowering Ourselves

It’s the eternal paradox of parenting. It’s Back-To-School time.  Are you triumphantly dancing at the freedom or are you grabbing your tissues for your tears?  No matter where you fit in that mix – here’s some perspective you won’t want to miss as you prepare yourself and your kids for the new school year.   …

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Aug 09

Lemonade Stand Makes National News, Empowers Kids and Gives Back To Dallas Police

It started out as a small idea. That proverbial tiny mustard seed. The result was ASTOUNDING!! How did lemonade and popcorn bring together a community, change lives, make NATIONAL NEWS and raise THOUSANDS of dollars for the families of the fallen Dallas Police Officers? You WON’T believe how a small idea empowers an entire community – …

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Aug 07

Feel Torn, Tattered, Broken? Empowered But Not Broken.

Ever feel torn-down, tattered, broken and just DONE. Me too.  I get it. So I sat down for my morning coffee and this. Yes, this. You won’t believe what happened next.

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Aug 05

You Are A BadAss, You Are Empowered. But Kryptonite Happens. Here’s How To Use YOUR SuperPowers

The day started ON FIRE. Caffeine. Check! Cape. Check! Bad Ass. Check! Empowered. Check! Simply. The. Best. Blog post. Of. All. Time.  You HAVE to check out these secrets to unleashing YOUR Empowered Bad Ass. Want To Know The Secret? Grab Your Cape and keep reading. 

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Jul 16

How To Talk To Your Kids About Violence

How To Talk To Your Kids About Violence “Mommy, Is a killer still on the loose?” He hadn’t even had a chance to wipe the sleepiness from his gaze.  Yet fear was written all over his face. My innocent child-awash in the violent reality that shattered our world overnight. Drowning in fear and insecurity – …

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Jun 21

The Selfie Generation: Entitled or Empowered?

The Selfie Generation: Entitled or Empowered? FACE IT: The Selfie Is Here To Stay. It’s as ubiquitous as are cell phones. And isn’t it funny that today is “NATIONAL SELFIE DAY”?! We live in a world where everyone thinks ‘it’s all about me’ – and that is especially – and acutely accurate for our kids, …

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Jun 20

On Father’s Day: A Letter To My Daddy In Heaven

Dear Daddy, I would love to be with you today. In person. HERE. But on this Father’s Day as I reflect upon my time on earth with you….and as I write this on this Father’s Day, memories are all I now have with you, Daddy. So many memories flash through my mind. Here’s just a …

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Jun 13

Horror In Orlando: How To Talk To Your Kids About The News

“Momma, What Happened?!” How To Talk To Your Kids About The News. “Could someone shoot me, Momma?” 49 people are dead and more than 53 are wounded after a lone gunman opened fire in an Orlando club early Sunday morning. Another terror attack on US soil. Another needless hate crime. I stall, wondering how to …

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Jun 08

Pop Tarts, the Pantry and Poop. Here’s How They Can Empower You!

Pop Tarts, the Pantry and Poop. How can this combination be at all empowering? In my home and as a mom, you’d be surprised. But here’s how Pop Tarts, The Pantry and Poop can EMPOWER YOU! 

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