Call me crazy — it won’t be the first time someone has — and TRUST me, it won’t be the last.

That’s the reason for my CrazyWithACause™ Project.

Through the craziness of motherhood, we laugh, we cry, we share and grow.  We also GIVE BACK – thus, my CrazyWithACause began. One of my reasons for The Empowered Mom’s is sharing the journey, the laughs and ways to give back.  It’s one of my building blocks.  Through my CrazyWithACause™ Project, I passionately promote philanthropy and charitable causes. It’s my belief that by uplifting others, we create a better community, a better world.  I encourage you, as parents, to empower your kids by embracing new ways of making a difference, and giving back.  We know teaching our kids to give back comes in many ways – giving can be by DOING.

CrazyWithACause℠ is connected and active in several non-profit organizations. You’ll be learning more about them in the upcoming days, weeks and months. Some of them include: The life-saving mission of The Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas, our fantastic friends at Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, also  The One Heart Project, our dear friends and founders of Dallas Uncorked and our belief and close ties with Minnie’s Food Pantry. We believe in all these causes; we support, volunteer and are active with them, more importantly, our children are as well.

Share with me how you teach your kids ways to share, give back and help others!  Share how you teach your kids. I’d love to hear about it!  And if you’d like to hear more about these organizations, please give me a shout.

I love being CrazyWithACause.  Get Crazy With Me.



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  1. Neelam

    Hi and thank you for your wonderful work.

    As a parent, I can only give back when I am the best Version of myself. So thats my vision as well.
    I give back with my online community support and working with local community centers by inspiring self-care & self-love.

    I love crazy..that’s me. I held many professional business titles, fancy degrees but it doesn’t matter to my young kids.
    They need my love & undivided attention when I am around. Not easy nowadays.

    Luckily my lifelong passion of Alternative Natural Self Healing helps to calm my nerves, relax & stay grounded. (I have my days though being human:)

    Our energy is contagious. So we need to always recharge/restore before giving to others.

    I do teach my kids to be humble, nurturing, & be sensitive. We donate, recycle and clean up. It’s the little things that adds up. Plus my kids are only 3 & 5. So still work in progress.

    In a nutshell, we can build stronger kids by nourishing their mind, body & soul with love and giving your best version.

    Kids learn habits from parents. And we are their first teachers…so it’s time we parents take a step back and learn the Art of Deliberate Living. Slow down. Detox/Declutter our emotional/physical/spiritual blockages and learn to make room for self- love & self-care.

    Happy parents = Happy kids = Happy Healthier Community.

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