Apr 13

Your Wine Glass. How It Can Determine Your Path

So, ask yourself this:  Are you a Wine-Glass-Half-Full or a Wine-Glass Half-Empty person?

Many of you know this phrase as just a ‘glass half-full’ — I decided – to somewhat improve on this sentiment.  On behalf of Moms and Dads everywhere…

And of course – we all know – it depends on the glass, because it could be like this one:

Are You A “Wine-Glass-Half-Full or Wine-Glass-Half-Empty” Person?

In which case, that’s an ENTIRELY different story. Because I have seen a different kind of wine glass, as such: But this does look pretty much what I was considering yesterday: And here’s why. The kids left the water running in the backyard, to ‘make rivers’ and sand castles.  (No, they weren’t supposed to have it on anyway!!) But it quickly looked like a mini-Nile river in our backyard and oh-so-inviting! Ben-The-Rodeo-Lab soon became a mud-caked-brown-version of his former golden-coated self.  And without fail, one of the 3 boys let ‘MudDog’ inside the house and almost everywhere you looked were trails of brown ooze reminiscent of a scene from “Ghostbusters.”

The movie that best personifies me at this point?  Remember the head-spinning-green-eruption-brain-explosion of the possessed character in “The Omen”?  Yeah, that was pretty much me.  Color me Linda Blair.

Heaving a 100-lb. lab into the tub, along with 3 muddy boys — not so easy.  Yeah, we were covered by the time it was all done! But, it gets better. (I couldn’t make stuff up this good. Wish I could, but the real stuff is so much better!)

One of the critters is running a fever and is sick, the dryer is flipping out on me leaving piles of dirty laundry, all alongside piles of my work ,with deadlines waiting — and the frosting on the proverbial cake? Last night the storm blew our fence down. No, like literally!  OH! and of course all this fun happens while the hubs is gone.

See why I wanted the ladder?

You’ll be happy to know I did not find myself swimming in Cabernet – (though, truth be told, I’m not ruling it out or a possible Vodka IV) – I did find myself diving headfirst into ‘poor me’ mode.  Because as if there’s not enough going on in ‘normal’ mode…it seems one thing or another is waiting to challenge and make eveything even more catty-wompus!

I got really upset, thinking ‘why me’, started verbally barking at the kids and having a full-on pity-party (or Pinot-party) and in no time I was sliding down a slippery slope of ‘victim-mode’ and a mentality sure to sabotage — and unhealthy any way you look!

So, I had to check my own attitude and readjust the ‘mental’ sails.

Then I was reminded of a post I wrote not too long ago and decided to re-read it for my ownself!   It helped me reposition my own thinking and get my head screwed back on properly.  It’s very easy to slip into a negative thinking pattern without even realizing it.  And then before you know it — BAM!  You’re drowning in negative thinking, that then leads to negative behaviors and reactions. THAT isn’t healthy for ANYONE!

“Crap! What NOW!” 10 Tips To Guide Your Way

Thankfully that helped me focus on what I needed to, so I’m taking those tips and applying them!  Because negative patterns leave you stripped of power and feeling powerless.  In the big picture, this stuff doesn’t really matter, there’s so many that have the truly BIG stuff to worry about.  I mean. let’s face it, it could be so much worse.

Take a stand!  Be conscious in your thinking!  Falling victim to your own negative thinking patterns simply reinforces negative consequences!  Instead, position yourself FULLY EMPOWERED and operating full of strength and power! And as far as the wine glass — I know sometimes my wine glass isn’t HALF anything – it’s completely empty because I drank it already!

But for now, I’m a ‘Wine-Glass-Half-Full’ person.

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