Apr 26

Strikes of Beauty. Glimpses of Grace. Empower Your Kids Through Storms.

Strikes of Beauty. Glimpses of Grace. Empower Your Kids Through Storms.

A cacophony of sounds keeps me from sleep.

Storms slamming into the area again.

Claps of thunder morphing into giant symphonies now crescendo across the night skies.

Lightning crackling, sizzling and dazzling a light show across the darkened night.

Whimpers join in.... from the proud 100-lb 'guard dog' now....the canine, too, needing comfort and his own guarding.

Now, the pitter pat.  Rain begins slowly but escalates into sheets of slamming on the roof, pounding the patio, its repeated chorus on the windows.

A symphony for the senses.

Again, sounds of pitter patter ... of a different kind.


Bounding down the stairs. Scrambling now. Rushing for the safety of Momma and Daddy.

Next - me shuffling, moving, clicking...sounds ending without producing light. The day's earlier adventure of "Night At The Museum" by the boys -while full of discovery, delight and exploration did nothing but darken the household flashlights.

*Note to self: hide extra batteries outside the 'adventures' box.

Now the wind....banging, whirling, swirling.

And the creaking, the constant creaking of the ceiling in response to the symphony in the skies.

And most certainly now, the sound of relief for so many...for the rain that pounds rooftops, while not the complete problem-solver -  may produce sighs from all those desperate and fearful.

So as the clashing and trembling and pounding and wailing, crackling and creaking....combine in an overnight crescendo... the sounds are a comforting song of welcome relief.

And in the morning, as eyelids open to the possibility and adventure yet awaiting us... the house fills with sounds of a new kind... stories of recalling the overnight, "I wasn't scared" "Yes, you were" "No, I wasn't!", "Did you see all that lighting!" "Did you hear the booming?" and then, "Hey! Ready for another game of "Night At The Museum?"....

Oh--- did you just hear that?

That was my heart smiling.

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