May 14

Mother’s Day-The EMPOWERED Mom Way

Today is 'officially' Mother's Day. But let's get real. Every day is Mother's Day. Meaning: every single day we mother, we are mothered, we are loving, we are loved, we are our children's mothers, we have our own mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, mentors, and incredibly brilliant women in our lives that brilliantly impact our lives, our children's lives and EMPOWER us, each other - and all of our children.

So, THANK YOU. All of you amazing, beautiful, EMPOWERED MOMS.

These moments are precious. The time passes before we can blink. Our babies are born. We are sleep-deprived, in shock, embarking on this journey of raising these precious souls. And then-life happens. And years pass. And the merry-go-round is at full-speed and all we want is for it to slow down. To hold on. Breathe in each precious moment.

And we do our best. Our full-on, guilt-ridden-chaos-filled-love-Lego-dirty-laundry-barely-keeping-up-are-they-clothed-at-school-on-time-did-I-brush-my-teeth-this-week-hurry-we-are-late-wait-what-it's-not-your-team-and-this-is-the-wrong-uniform-and-wrong-child-wrong-night-wrong-place-what?-you-need-75-dinosaurs-right-now-my-shoes-don't-match-what-homework?-I-missed-the-teacher's-birthday-what?-Mom-shouldn't-you-get-a-bra-on?-Are-you-really-taking-me-wearing-that?-Momma-you-were-supposed-to-have-already-done-this-I'm-out-of-lunch-money-Mommy-you're-beautiful-the-dogs-are-running-down-the-street-just-pick-it-up-off-the-floor-and-wear-it-again-holy-Lord-I'm-not-enough-but-wine-helps-so-thanks-for-that-whole-water-into-wine-trick-promise-I'll-try-and-be-better-tomorrow-God-but-the-dogs-are-chewing-on-the-couch-and-somehow-my-keys-fell-down-into-the-storm-drain-and-my-shirt-has-dried-mac-and-cheese-for-my-business-meeting-and-will-I-ever-be-enough?


It doesn't matter.  None of that. What DOES matter is these precious, precious moments with your babies. And with your Moms and all the women you love. It's all about this time. These priceless minutes ticking by. These moments.

(Get your tissues.)


It's these precious moments. These precious EMPOWERED MOM-ents. Breathe each second in.

You are ENOUGH. You are EMPOWERED. You are MOM.

And these are my reasons. My everything. My Angels. My Blessings. My EMPOWERMENT:













It's because of her. My Mommy. My everything. My best friend. My maid-of-honor. My pillar of strength. My unconditional source of pure love. My biggest fan. My force of nature. My inspiration. Light of my life. God's beautiful gift. Joyful, crazy, funny, bloom-where-you-are-planted, EMPOWERED Lola, Lala, Lolly, Lolly-Polly, center of our universe, the glue of our giant-loved-filled-imperfect-and-INCREDIBLY-blessed-family.  My Mommy. My heart.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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