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Empowered Action Steps To Improve Your Life Today

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Empower Yourself Today

Five Empowered Action Steps To Change Your Life Today

How do I become Empowered? How can I change my life for the better?

How do I start? Where do I start?

That’s key. You want to change your life right now, today?

Here’s how: Follow these simple, easy, step-by-step Empowered Action Steps for your new, empowered life. Starting today. Starting right now. By doing this.

Okay, cool, you want to change your life. Now what? What’s first? Where do we start?


Yep. The beginning.

1. Just Start

Really. It’s that fundamental.

Is it easy always? Give me a break. Of course not. But you have to Just Start. Simple. Smart. Selective. How? These Empowered Action Steps will take you from broken, bruised and beaten-down to empowered, powerful and in control of your now, your today. What does that do? That, my friend, leads you to taking control of your life through empowering yourself one step, one item, one day at a time.

Little Words. Big Change.

Little Words. Big Change. Simple Steps.

We complicate the process, the answers are simple.

That is, you have to ask the right questions to even know your own needs. Do YOU know your needs? Where you want to grow? Which aspect(s) of your life do you need the most empowerment?

These are crucial. For if we don’t have these identified- well, guess what. You’re screwed. But only if you stay stagnate, only if you want to stay helpless. Because, baby, you are not! I promise you- you HAVE the power already there, within you, you amazing person. Yes, you do. You may not believe it yet -but you will. First we gotta start with where you need to start. goals, or priorities, or growth journey planned, then we drown in the ocean of overwhelm.

Yep. Been there. Still do sometimes. And then guess what? I go back to these fundamental Empowering Action Steps.

2. Determine Your Purpose

What do you want vs. what do you need to do – those are entirely different.

But YOUR overall purpose defines your everyday. Defines your WHY. Defines your WHAT.

And defines the eternal: WHO AM I and WHAT *is* my purpose?

This is your foundation.

Not your to-do list.

This is all YOU.

Why is that so key?

Because without you knowing your get-up-and-go, your purpose beyond “Mom”, your heart’s passion, your reason for existing – your personal value and worth, then you are missing the most crucial part of your magical being.

What makes you tick? What makes you jump out of bed in the morning and stay up late?

Don’t know? That’s okay. Take some time (even if it’s in the bathroom hidden away from the kids) and figure out what makes YOU tick, what makes you, well, YOU.

3. Prioritize.

That flipping to-do list.

It truly is The Never Ending Story.

Obviously there are tasks, to-do’s, errands, bills, calls, school forms, Dr. visits, dentist appointments, dogs to feed. Oh, yeah, we gotta feed those kids too, huh?  Those are what I call the “daily do’s”.

Prioritize those first. Because ya can’t starve the kids, you don’t want the electricity turned off (duh, I need my wifi), and ya gotta change diapers, get the kids to school – and at some point, ya might want to take a shower.

Another and bigger “Empowered Life” aspect is the bigger mission and the “daily do’s” can completely eclipse the your purpose as an individual.

What we are talking here are your “Growth Goals”. Be it mental, emotional, financial, physical, parenting, professional, spiritual – that’s where we’re going.

Because prioritizing forces where you focus your energy on what and where you spend your time.

It’s kinda like, remember the giant marshmallow dude from The Ghostbusters, or the freaky slime that keeps growing – or yah! Kinda like the Mentos in the soda bottles.


It all explodes.

And what’s left? Yep. Nothing. Except a big mess that’s now added to your list and to-do’s and overwhelm and OMG-what-in-the-holy-name-of-insanity did I do to to make more for me to do?!!  Yep. Proverbial hamster on a wheel.

Stop The Insanity. Instead Prioritize.

4. Take Just One Bite.

Ha! As if, right?! But in this case, we aren’t talking food. (Or wine. Because, then – I’ve left the building, or as the case may be, the house.)

I call it the Swiss Cheese Method.

Don’t attack the entire list, or entire to-do’s or entire life-revolution.

One thing at a time. Ya know how Swiss Cheese has holes? Cuz, you can’t take it all on as a whole (yes, whole as opposed to hole). It’s one little bit at a time.

Step-by-step, baby.

5. Clear The Crap.

Okay, I could’ve said clutter. But guess what? Clearing the crap has more impact.

And clutter is part of the crap.

We’re not necessarily talking, like, Hoarders here people. (That’s another post entirely.)

This will naturally happen as you take the first steps.

Clearing the crap means saying No more, it means realizing what’s important: time with your children or a perfectly clean house, it means clearing out toxic relationships, it means clearing out the negative crap and toxic–talk we tell ourselves.

Clear that out. Like, literally just stop the crap.

Start Now.
Change Your Life.



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