Mar 08

Empower Yourself Today! 3 Easy Steps. International Women’s Day Today!

Empower Yourself Today

How To Empower Yourself Today

Do you empower yourself and feel celebrated everyday?

I would bet the answer, if we were honest, is no.

But today is the perfect day for you to do something, even ONE thing to empower yourself and realize how important you are, how much you matter, how you are infinitely capable, you change lives, you raise humans, you are worthy, you are needed, you are full of talents and gifts and unknown possibilities. It’s time to let YOU empower YOU.

Especially right now, because today is International Women’s Day, here’s simple Empowered Actions Steps that will change your life.

Here’s how:

It sounds so amazing, doesn’t it? It’s OUR day (um, as if every other day isn’t) – but the point is -we don’t take the time to celebrate our talents, our VOICE, our ability to create change, our ability to change lives – and that includes our very own life.

I’ve been there. Hopeless. Lonely. Discouraged. Devalued. Unworthy.  OR SO I THOUGHT.

Oh, no, my dear empowered woman. YOU. ARE. SO. MUCH. MORE.

You change LIVES. You matter. You, truly, are MAGICAL – and all that adds up to: EMPOWERED!

Take time to celebrate YOU today!

Yes, even amidst the dirty laundry, mismatched socks, kids whining and fighting, dirty diapers, where’s the remote, nothing in my closet fits me, I am not enough reruns in your brain, where did I put I keys, hell, where did I put my brain???

Here’s some simple, but EMPOWERING steps today what will change your life:


Stop for one moment today.

And just LOVE. On YOU.

Let yourself breathe in your worth and exhale your doubts, insecurities and unrealistic expectations.

We are always so hard on ourselves, let’s take a step back and remember these simple words. Remember the little girl in you? Well, she still needs these reminders and how ’bout we keep this on loop in our brains and hearts:


This is a biggie. Why? Because we seldom give ourselves permission to be unapologetically our OWN TRUE SELF.

Guess what babes? Here’s your permission slip. Your hall pass. Your-I-don’t-give-a-shit-except-


Give yourself permission for time for yourself. (Even if it’s just 5 minutes. But don’t hide in the bathroom, they find you there!)

Give yourself permission to forgive yourself. For trying to be everything to everyone else. For being so hard on yourself. For feeling less-than. For comparing yourself to others. For not giving yourself enough credit. Give yourself permission to LOVE WHO YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW, IN THIS VERY MOMENT.

I aspire to be an Empowered Woman

 I aspire to be an Empowered Woman.  Check out my Instagram for more quotes like this:  Empower Yourself on my Instagram: @marialuce1


C’mon, let’s be real. Empowering yourself sometimes seems the very thing escaping your grasp. My loves, start simple. And start with YOU. Empower yourself first and you will then empower others. If it’s spending time in prayer, making that one overdue phone call, taking off last night’s make-up or changing out of clothes stained with your child’s spit-up (or wine, as may be the case). JUST. DO. ONE. THING. FOR. YOU. TODAY.


Empower Yourself Today Baby!

Take care of YOU first, and the rest builds upon the energy. Remember, an empty cup can not fill up others.

Yes, this is International Woman’s Day. And you know what that means? It starts with you. Then to your kids, your family, your circle of influence, then the world.

But don’t take on the world first.




Go Empower Yourself Today!

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