May 17

Burned Out? It’s Parental Burnout. It’s Real – Here’s Tips To Help You And Your Family

Parental Burnout: Tips To Help Cope And Empower You & Your Family

Parental Burnout: Tips To Help Cope With Stress And Empower You

Parental Burnout. You probably know it. You probably live it.

Are you burned out? Stressed out. Overwhelmed. Over-stressed. Over-scheduled. And just OVER it all?!

As parents – the pressure is intense. And frankly, sometimes just too much.

No more adulting. It’s too hard to parent and adult and take care of the children.

Face it: the pressure, expectations and responsibilities in today’s age of parenting is at a breaking point. And research validates our burnout. We are expected to be at four different places for our kids different events, different places, same times – plus, school projects, paperwork, events, carpool, practices, yearbooks, Dr. appointments, summer camps yet to set up, end of school events…. oh please – just STOP. Stop the chaos and craziness – but is it possible?

Yes. At least there are ways to manage it.

Here’s some tips for you before you lose your mind. (If you already haven’t).

  1. Prioritize and Schedule. Reduce your stress and anxiety by prioritizing what has to be done, when it has to be done and put it all down on a family schedule. Knowing the when, where, what uniform, who goes where and what time – will help you and all your family know what’s upcoming and provide some structure and organization for everyone.
  2. Cut The Fat. Take a look at all you’re trying to do. Is every playdate necessary? Is every meeting required? If it is, great – it’s a priority. If it’s something that isn’t a priority (see #1 above) – ask yourself if it’s really important or if it’s adding stress. Now we’re not talking homework, school events, concerts, recitals or schoolwork here, people. We are talking the things you don’t say “No” to – the want-to’s-but-really-adds-to-the-crazy-adds-to-the-chaos-things.
  3. Check Yourself. Rather – your stress. Guess what? Kids are like sponges. If you are stressed out and uptight – the kids know it, feel it and absorb it. It’s not good for them, for you, the family, your entire household. And, frankly, even Bolt, the dog is whimpering.
  4. Put Your Oxygen Mask On First. It’s the proverbial take care of yourself first. Though, as parents, we are compelled to give every last gasp of ourselves to others. Guess what? The plane is losing altitude. Everyone is suffering. Stop for a moment and take in that oxygen, take a breath. Your can’t take care of anyone else if you aren’t giving yourself the care you need.
  5. Put Yourself In Time Out.  You need some you time. It may be a 10-minute walk. Or going for a run. Catching up with a friend for coffee. Ten minutes of reading that book you’ve been wanting to read. Putting the time in to your time out – can add up to a refreshed, renewed you for that quality time when you’re with your kids.
  6. Finally, Play.  Yes. MAKE THE TIME TO PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS.  The dishes can wait. They can’t. Unplug. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with your kids, your family. If that means going to the playground, have a game night, go to a movie, make pizzas together or even just take a walk together. Find – in fact, MAKE opportunities for time together as a family – playing, laughing, relaxing, reconnecting.


Maria Luce, The Empowered Mom On-Air With Tips For Handling Parental Burnout and Empowering You and Your Family

Listen here for our on-air discussion with the WILDLY popular show: Tom & Friends on KFGO:

So, how do you handle Parental Burnout? What are the things you do in your family? Let’s talk about it. This is about uplifting each other and building a community and support system designed to share with each other, learn from each other and empower each other.

Share your thoughts with us here – we are much more powerful and empowered together. Let me hear from my favorite peeps – I know you’re out there and I know you want to share and talk – Talk to me! Can’t wait to hear YOUR thoughts!

And remember – there’s not a supermom, no perfect mom – but there’s always you: The Empowered Mom.

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