Oct 13

On The Air: SIZZLING Hot Topic: Let’s Talk The “P” Word. Politics & Kids

The Empowered Mom LIVE ON-AIR

The Empowered Mom LIVE ON-AIR

THIS MORNING we are going LIVE ON-AIR and talking the “P” word! Politics & your kids. We are taking on HOT TOPICS!  You do not want to miss this – here’s how YOU can listen and call in!!

Let’s face it. This political season may the ugliest, nastiest, most divisive races in decades. And our kids are all watching it – if you can even let them!

So, how do you talk to your kids about this political season? Are you letting them watch the debates? How are you explaining any of this behavior to them? And these are what types of behaviors and people we want our kids to model themselves after? I mean, after all, one of these two candidates will be elected as our President.

Live this morning on West Michigan Live with Justin Barclay. So here’s the links so YOU can tune in LIVE: http://woodradio.iheart.com/.  No matter where you live in the United States or Globally – take part in this discussion!

It’s THIS MORNING at 8:00 CT, 9:00 ET – YOU CAN CALL IN, comment & join the discussion: 616-774-2424.

And then we will be posting the entire interview along with a post with all these tips coming up!


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