Jun 08

Pop Tarts, the Pantry and Poop. Here’s How They Can Empower You!

Pop Tarts, The Pantry and Poop: How They Can Empower You!Pop Tarts, the Pantry and Poop.

How can this combination be at all empowering?
In my home and as a mom, you’d be surprised.
But here’s how Pop Tarts, The Pantry and Poop can EMPOWER YOU! 

So here’s just some of the before pics, here ya go:

Pop Tarts, The Pantry and Poop: How They Can Empower You!

Not enough stuff, huh? Ah, wait, there’s more:

IMG_1310 (2)

Even more…

Pop Tarts, The Pantry and Poop: How They Can Empower You!

But we did have help: yes, all 3 boys – but then we brought out the big guns:

Pop-Tarts, The Pantry and Poop: How They Can Empower You!

Big Empowerment From  The Container Store!

It’s all the chaos. There’s enough chaos in my brain as it is -let’s clear the chaos in our environment and it will EMPOWER YOU!

We all have the chaos of our daily lives as moms, much less a chaotic environment… and that really leads to a big pile of discontent. In other words – a pile of crap.

Crap that builds up in our homes, and crap and chaos in our brains, our moods and our environments…and ultimately HOW WE PARENT.

So, clear out the CRAP!

Here’s 3 easy steps:

  1. Get your kids involved – you will empower them by being a part of the process and teach decision-making at the same time.
  2. Take on one area at a time. Even one drawer at a time. Otherwise you will feel too overwhelmed. One step-or in this case-one area at a time makes it feel much more ‘do-able’.
  3. Trash it. When you literally clear out ‘stuff’ – you clear your mind and your environment of chaos – and YOU are TAKING CONTROL and EMPOWERING YOURSELF.  Y’know all those drive-thru toys, scraps of paper, boxes labeled, ‘who the hell knows what’s in here-just a bunch of unnecessary crap’ – yeah, those – go through ’em and trash ’em. Half-pieces of crayons you hope to make into a Pinterest work of art, yeah, trash ’em. (You would’ve done it already in the 4 years you’ve kept it hidden in a Ziploc bag at the back of the junk drawer.) The big difference: DONATE it. If it’s something that might be of value to someone else – and this is an especially EMPOWERING lesson to teach your children: DONATE items. They will then understand helping others, learning lessons about giving and sharing and how some other children might cherish something they’ve junked under 3 boxes of Legos, unused games and stuffed animals yearning for love. And of course, you can also SELL it! You can make some money and the kids are learning the value of money and making money at the same time. Now, THAT’s EMPOWERING!

So, is MY house perfectly organized? HAHAHHAAAAA! I think I just peed my pants from laughing so hard. Absolutely not-we are taking it one step, one area, one Pop-Tart at a time.

And….drum roll…here’s the BIG REVEAL:

Let me know how your progress goes, and I will too. Share your before-and-after pics, we will have laughs, clear out the term I’m famous for, “It’s somewhere.” Yeah, it’s in the “Somewhere File”.

Empower Yourself, Empower Your Home and especially EMPOWER Your Kids Today.

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  1. Michelle Fraser

    We do a mission project at church… Mac ‘n Cheeses for Jesus! We give boxes to local food bank.. you guys could be a BIG help here 😉 Love you, lady, and your help at empowering moms everywhere!

    1. The Empowered Mom

      Absolutely! We’d love to donate Mac’n Cheeses for Jesus! We obviously have enough! And I love that name-“Mac’n Cheeses for Jesus!” Just let me know where and when! Thanks for continuing support! I know it is God simply working through me to Empower Moms and Women everywhere! THANKS SO MUCH!

  2. Robin Gray

    You TOTALLY rock Empowered Mom!!!

    1. The Empowered Mom

      I love you, Robin Gray! And you TOTALLY rock too – Look UP!
      Hugs! And remember, Go EMPOWER Yourself Today!

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