May 04

May The Fourth Be With You: And The Force EMPOWER You!

I want a lightsaber.  Like a REAL-LIFE lifesaver of EMPOWERMENT! With the ability to empower me, my kids, my family.  And defend against the dark side.

Oh, that dark side.

We’ll get to that. In another galaxy far, far away. (Okay, another day.)

But today is HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! Which is essentially a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in our household and when it comes to my boys.  (And I have to admit – to me too!)

So I full-on embrace it! I mean, why not HAVE FUN!!?!

Star Wars, Fun, Chaos & Hilarity Empowers Your Kids

We get this ONE go-round with these precious children – even amidst the chaos – there are easy ways you can make things special and memorable for your kids.

So we had some fun this morning. Made some Star Wars pancakes, along with Darth, Yoda, Stormtroopers – and my personal favorite: Bb8.  And thanks to these amazing Star Wars pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma the boys’ Star Wars galaxy breakfast came true!

Nevermind that the stormtrooper was burned (by a lightsaber of course) and the boys were almost late to school…but you know what? Sometimes it’s all just worth it. The TIME and FUN with them.

Star Wars, Chaos & Hilarity Empowers Kids

Plus, it makes me feel better getting extra mileage and amortizing the money we’ve spent on Star Wars items over the years. We’ve probably spent enough to fund the next movie.  Okay, whatever. Maybe the trailer for the movie.  Okay, hell, maybe a trip on the Millennium Falcon.

Decided to have fun this morning with the boys.  (But here’s the trick: by asking them what they’d like to do to celebrate Star Wars Day – I EMPOWER them. They feel included. They feel important and valued.)  It’s kind of like hiding carrots, beets, kale, quinoa, chia seed, bee pollen, turmeric and every other must-have-or-your-child-will-die nutritional item all wrapped up in a bow called: dessert.  (Insert Evil Laugh here!)

Flat out, here’s the deal: I’m a big kid. Love to have fun. Engaging my kids in the fun is a bond that empowers not only YOU as a MOM – but empowers your kids too!

Have fun and EMPOWER YOURSELF and your KIDS everyday!



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