May 13

“Just A Mom”?? Screw That! Mom IS the Most Empowered!

“JUST a Mom?” “Oh, you don’t work?” If one more person would’ve said those phrases- I might seriously go all Italian on them!

Going from a high-profile, public career as an anchor and reporter to having 3 babies within 21 months-(yes, a set of twins in that mix)-to caring for 3 infants was, let’s just say, the MOST difficult thing I’ve ever done. And then the proverbial: “Oh, you just stay at home?” “You don’t work?” Let me be perfectly clear: ALL MOMS WORK. It’s the EMPOWERED part that matters.

But I was lost. I ‘was’ an anchor. I ‘was’ a reporter. I ‘was’ a journalist. Then we are told, ‘you’re just a mom’.

And then we’re made to feel ‘less than’, ‘not enough’ and not valued.

For me, I had to lose my identity and the result: I found myself.

That’s when I had my next baby: that’s when THE EMPOWERED MOM was born. I started my business on a wing and a prayer and the realization that EMPOWERING myself means empowering my babies and making a difference in the world.

I was fortunate enough to speak at the World Headquarters of The Zig Ziglar Company: IN FRONT of one of my heroes, Mr. Zig Ziglar.

We aren’t JUST MOMS – we are EMPOWERED, we are HARD-WORKING and most importantly, we are RAISING EMPOWERED Children. Generation EMPOWERED.

It is true. JUST a MOM? Mom is EVERYTHING.

And I must say I about fell on the floor when Zig Ziglar followed my comments by saying this:

Remember YOU are ENOUGH. YOU are IMPORTANT. You MATTER. And you, Mom, are raising the next generation of EMPOWERED, precious souls.

Go Empower Yourself today.

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  1. Danielle

    My husband and I have been into arguments, I feel, since our second child was born. I become a SAHM when out first child was born. The house still stayed clean, but I also had outlets! Since out second child has been born, we have had many arguments! I am so close to finishing my degree and will be making more than what he is, but that doesn’t stop the now! My youngest is 4, but since I don’t habe a paying job, I don’t nothing if the house is scattered, or if all the laundry isn’t put up! I will have to say that I lost my dad and apart of myself when my youngest was just a little over a year old. That’s really when all of it started between my husband and I! I have not had a chance to find myself again, since the loss of my dad, because I feel as if I have tried my best to be perfect for him! Where do I go from here and how do I get myself back?

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