Aug 15

What Happens When Facing Change? Media, Moms, Live Interview & Thinking On Your Feet

LIve On-Air & In Life: How To Handle Changes In The Moment

We all face change. And often it happens in an instant. And especially as parents. You learn to adjust, switch gears and think on your feet.  And that’s what happened today. Live radio and television interviews lined up starting early this morning. The topic? Savoring The Last Days of Summer.  And while LIVE ON-AIR – you won’t BELIEVE what happened! You have to see this.

I love what I do: Mom first. Then inspiring and empowering women as Moms and as themselves! So today: Live Radio and Television interviews lined up all day empowering Moms, Parents, and their kids. Different timely topics, always empowering, always real with information and inspiration all of us can use as parents – and as Moms. It’s just some of the things you’ll see in launching of THE EMPOWERED MOM TV.

Today’s topic? Savoring The Last Days of Summer. Having fun, tips, things to do before trading the summer sun for school bells.

I even promoted it on all my social platforms.

Then the phone call came in – EVERYTHING changed.  Breaking news overnight again in Milwaukee: protests, cop injured, rioting and chaos. So – in less than seconds, I was asked to change topics and discuss link: how to talk to your kids and then what we did that made national news, empowered kids, a community and gave back to Dallas Police.

Here’s what happened in real-time.  I’m offering you two perspectives: a behind-the-scenes look via video of the last second change and then the actual radio interview that aired.

First-the behind the scenes:

And you can NOT miss the interview that aired on iHeart Radio, and on NewsRadio WOOD 106.9FM 1300AM as well as aired on Radio Host Justin Barclay radio show. 


The lessons are numerous. First – expect the unexpected. Use your skills. Luckily my media background and extensive on-camera and live anchoring and reporting helped. But more than anything – when it comes to our kids, to ourselves, to parenting – it changes instantly and we don’t have all the answers. We do our best within the particular situation.

And KNOW YOU HAVE THAT STRENGTH. That YOU CAN HANDLE anything that comes your way!

Go Empower Yourself Today!

Oh! And btw, I will be posting very soon the Savor Summer, Making Memories and Things To Do With Your Kids Before Trading the Summer Sun for School Bells.

That’s also followed up with a post all parents need: EMPOWERING Tips for Back-To-School.




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