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Get The Most Out Of Summer. Things To Do Before Trading Summer Sun For School Bells

The Boys Of Summer

The Boys Of Summer

Make The Most Of These Last Days of Summer

Soon it’s trading Summer Sun for School Bells.

But here’s some ways to savor these last days of summer and making memories with your kids. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Time, fun and memories with your kids? Here’s what YOU can do to savor summer! Don’t miss out on THESE life-long memories in the making!

Ahh, those lazy days of summer. Don’t you remember your summer fun growing up? Those carefree days of adventure and freedom.

The time is ticking to a close for our kids on this summer season: Quickly disappearing as fast as the sunsets.

Alas, we can still squeeze the last succulent sweetness out of these days.

Remember: sometimes it’s the most simple, the smallest and joyous times that last a lifetime.

And much of it is: TIME with your kids.

Here’s some tips for you (even budget-conscious ideas) to make life-long memories with your kids:

  1. Think about YOUR best summer memories: recreate those! It may not have included Pokemon-Go. But I bet it did include discovering new and exciting places, explorations and experiences. Do that. Do the unexpected.
  2. Go on ADVENTURES. Explore, discover, seek the unknown. Whether that’s a new hiking trail, a different bike trail, or even letting the kids choose a new unexplored horizon – do it. Be in the moment. Adventure with them.
  3. Homemade Ice Cream.  Really?  Enough said. Except maybe let the kids choose the flavor. Then lick up every delicious morsel – of the ice cream and the experience together. Yep. Lifelong memories.
  4. Chase Fireflies. Catch ’em. Chase The fun and thrill of laughter, discovery and the joy of simple mason jars.
  5. Stargaze. While you’re out chasing those fireflies – take a breath, stop for a moment, look up with those wonder-filled eyes of your kids and seek out the sparkle.  Just as they learn to seek their own unique sparkle.
  6. Go Barefoot.
  7. Run through a sprinkler.
  8. Build a Fort. Inside or Out – better yet, how about sleeping outdoors under the stars?
  9. Go on a Picnic. Complete with simple PB&J’s and chips, juice boxes – or go gourmet and do sushi and cucumber water. It’s not the things – it’s the time together.
  10. Go to your local zoo, museum, a yet-undiscovered park for your family.
  11. Splash and swim until you are all so exhausted you fall in to bed deliciously delighted yet completely exhausted.
  12. Popsicles. Ice Cream Cones. Whatever your kids’ choice – indulge them. And make sure all the sugary sweetness gives them a colorful mustache and drips yummy memories to savor always.
  13. And mostly: TIME TOGETHER. Playing a game, reading a book, going for a hike or a walk, or talking about everything and nothing. It’s the TIME TOGETHER that matters.

We’ve had fun at the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Arboretum, going on picnics and adventures, swimming, and mostly spending time together and being silly!

Summer arboretum

Bike fun luke jack jumping from swing jack zoo Magnolia not perfect pic summer boys blessed zoo summer Chris best zoo pic birds

Have FUN! Enjoy these precious days of childhood – oh, I mean, of parenting.

Because I shall always remain a child in many ways – and stay in the business of fun, silliness and joy – with these precious boys of mine.

Their childhood – and your time with them – flies by at speeds beyond light – or rather years – like light years of time.








Love them.

Laugh. Like belly-laughs. ‘Til it hurts from laughing.

Have fun.

Be Silly.

Play lots.

Love even more.

And, Don’t Blink.

Times flies by so quickly – cherish the time with your kids.

It’s T-Ball Today. Teenager Tomorrow.

Time is all we have-spend it wisely.

And just as a reminder:



Here’s some other cool ideas from Today Parents:  Squeeze Out The Last Juicy Bits Of Summer FUN!

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