Aug 07

Feel Torn, Tattered, Broken? Empowered But Not Broken.

Torn Pages PicEver feel torn-down, tattered, broken and just DONE.

Me too.  I get it.

So I sat down for my morning coffee and this. Yes, this.

You won’t believe what happened next.

Coffee In Hand. In Need of more than coffee.

I needed help to face some challenges.

Little did I know it would come in ripped and torn pages.


So, you see, sometimes YOU can feel ripped apart. You can feel like a failure. Maybe it’s depression, situational, divorce, career challenges, kids.. the list is endless.

But the point is sometimes the message in in the mess.

Just like the torn pages in my Bible.  There’s still vast amounts of UNENDING lessons, GRACE, GLORY, inspiration, hope and answers we could ever need – in my Bible with Torn Pages.

That’s just like you. Like me. Don’t focus on the tattered torn parts. For within us is SO MUCH MORE ability, worth, gifts, and POWER.

EMPOWER yourself.

Look beyond your torn and tattered.

Look at ALL the beautiful lessons, wisdom and strength in the whole Book of YOU.

Go EMPOWER Yourself Today.

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