Sep 17

Empowering A Winner! Contest Winner Announcement!

What a fun and empowering way to start off the school year! Especially for your kids! As many of you know, we’ve been running and INCREDIBLE and very VALUABLE contest !  And here’s how you can find out who won – it might be YOU!

In combination with Jefferson Dental – we began an INCREDIBLE contest to coordinate with the, “Back2School, Back2Smiles” campaign. We kicked it off at the beginning of the school year.

Not only was it an opportunity for you Moms to win big – it also offers an opportunity to take the chore out of getting your kids to brush their teeth but also to make it FUN!

Here’s all the details – check this out.  

After you checked that out, here’s a sneak peak into the MAJOR PRIZE PACKAGE in our special offer:

Empower Your Kids Prize Package!

Empower Your Kids Prize Package!

And now…. drumroll…. I announce the winner – WATCH THIS TO FIND OUT


Again, included in this prize package: 1 Oral B Pro Health for Me Electric Brush for Kids, 1 Hands-Free Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser, 2 Boxes of Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste, Kid’s Fun Flossers, Toothbrush chart for each child + marker, 1 lunch box, sandwich boxes, stickers, pencils, fun coloring books AND, (get this!)  Coupons worth OVER $450.00 towards dental/orthodontic treatments.

Now THAT is enough to make anyone SMILE!

So, again – THANK YOU to ALL of you for participating and sending in your back-to-school pics! We had a blast with this – and will be running another contest soon! So MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK IN EVERYDAY!

And continue sharing with me your empowering stories, questions – anything, you know I LOVE hearing from you. And keep sending in your stories about your kids at school.

In the meantime, go empower yourself today!

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