May 17

The Empowered Mom TV Debuts!

It’s been a thrilling, exciting and yes, empowering journey…and today a MAJOR step as THE EMPOWERED MOM TV debuts! And The Empowered Mom Family of Companies continues its growth. Check this out:

So, yes, it’s just a bit of a tease – that’s why the video on my phone was blurry- you have to tune in to see the whole thing. And to do that:  CLICK HERE NOW for THE EMPOWERED MOM TV 

Many thanks to Fox26Houston.com and you can check out their site also.

This has been a journey and continues to be! Look for THE EMPOWERED MOM TV Segments at a station near you soon!

In the meantime: Hit me up on social:

FB: The Empowered Mom Page

Twitter: @theempoweredmom

Snapchat: @theempoweredmom

Instagram: @marialuce1

YouTube: Maria Luce

LinkedIn: Maria Luce

And of course, email me at: maria@TheEmpoweredMom.com



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