May 16

Best Parenting Moment! When The Kids Don’t Know You’re Watching

This will make your day! Y’know when the kids don’t know you’re watching? And you catch a precious moment like this, pure joy… and oh, yes! Some potential parenting revenge.  You gotta see this! Dancing like no one is watching!

Yesterday I happened to glimpse up and saw joy. Unfiltered, pure energy and JOY!  So, of COURSE I grabbed my phone and this is what I caught on video. One of my sons jamming by the pool in our backyard without any cares and not knowing anyone was watching…and then after he realized I was, his response was BRILLIANT – he turnt it up!

Oh. My. THAT!

That is pure greatness.  We don’t often get to capture those moments of pure joy. But I’m so thankful to God that I did. A glimpse of freedom, unencumbered by anything, full-on energy – and shawty got some moves!!! (Duh, of course he got them from me!)

Parenting is not easy, sometimes overwhelming and exhausting. But then you get these moments. Minutes of joy that last a lifetime. In your heart, in your memories. And in this case – on video! What does that mean? Potential revenge…”I’ll show this at your graduation, your wedding…you better not talk back…no whining…” Ha ha!

But more than anything, besides just the fun of you watching this video over and over – let’s all take a tip from it.



Dance as if no one is watching.

Enjoy those special moments with your kids. I know I did and remain thankful for it. (Even though the dogs were wanting out, the other boys and their friends were playing and chaos ensues in The Empowered Mom household…I received this gift.)

Remember, sometimes it’s the little things. They all add up to the big things that really matter.

So, you go EMPOWER YOURSELF today. Catch the little moments. Breathe those in.

And now, YOU go dance like no one is watching!

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