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Back-To-School Tips: Empower Your Kids For a Great School Year


EMPOWER Your Kids With These Back-To-School Tips!

Your kids are probably already into their first few days of Back-To-School. Or will be starting soon. Here’s must-have tips to empower your kids for a great school year!

To the school & teachers: I give you my children. Therefore, I give you my heart. You have them for most of the day. Will you please care for, encourage, guide, challenge and respect them? I entrust them to you. The teachers, coaches, administrators, leaders – you hold my heart within your care. And at this Back-To-School time, here’s the tips that you, as parents, must have to empower your kids.

It’s a dichotomy of sorts. I call it the BiPolar Back-To-School Bittersweet Backpack.

In some ways – you know they need it, in many wants, Oh-Dear-Gawd, we need it!

But in many ways we don’t want it – despite that we DO WANT what is best for them.  So here’s the tips YOU NEED to empower and help your kids have the best school year possible.

  1. Get Back On Routine.  Don’t freak out if you didn’t getting your routine perfected a month ago. Or even two weeks ago. Summer is seductive like that! Quit beating yourself up. Routine does take time. And even for those of you who have already started school – a new school year is the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of a new routine. Besides, kids (and frankly, most of us) do much better with a predictable, reliable routine. Kids need that as an extra sense of security. So they know what to expect. And if you haven’t started school yet, lucky you. You have a few more days – sneak in some routine into their schedule to make the start to the new school year easier for your kiddos – and for you!
  2. Sleep Is Crucial. I know. I know. I say this as 10:30 and 10:45 (if not a bit later if I’m truthful) became the norm. But, c’mon – the sun was still shining til at least 9:00 p.m.!  Now, however – reality returns. And so does the need for sleep. Start easing into it. I mean, really – if you bring the hammer down with a bedtime at 7:45 all of the sudden – mmmyah, probably not the best tactic. Bring it down by 15 or 20 minutes each night until you get to a healthy time for all of your kids. Sleep isn’t just for fun and down time for you – it’s crucial for their health.
  3. Help Them Be Prepared As Possible. Meet The Teachers. Tour the School. Visit their classrooms. Find thier lockers, their classes, the caferia, the gym. All of it. It’s new, it’s different – and frankly can be scary to some of our little critters. Preparing them ahead of time to know what to expect is feeding not only their knowlegde but their confidence and courage.
  4. Empower THEM – get them involved in the process.  This is crucial. Truly. Ask them what they need. (I’m not suggesting the $200.00 pair of kicks here, Mom.) This is more about – having them pick out their backpacks, picking what they want to wear the first day of school. Asking them what they need or want to feel more prepared and ready to take on the year is incredibly empowering. It shows them what THEY think, their thoughts, their opinions MATTER. And THAT is EMPOWERING!
  5. Plan the plan. Create a new calendar. Create a new clock – with timing in color or on a daily calendar. Again, this is reinforcing them what to expect. And this creates security and a sense of control for your kids.
  6. Supplement the Supplies. They all need the school supplies, right? Well, have them pick out some of the stuff that they like. Let them personalize it. Let them express themselves and their own personalities! And other little things: Notes from YOU, Mom. And YOU, Dad. I’ve done these since mine were in Pre-K – and still do. They may not say it – but getting a sweet note of encouragement or a ‘hug’ from you in the middle of their school day can mean more than you can imagine.
  7. Deck Out The Dudes. Again, another way they can express themselves! If your kids are not wearing uniforms (I wish ALL schools did!) – picking out their clothes with them (if they allow you) – is a rite of passage for a new school year.
  8. Encourage Courageousness. Kindness. Goodness. Love. Teach them to include the new kid in class. Invite someone sitting alone to sit at their lunch table. Remind them that at some point they might be the one that doesn’t know anyone – help them understand the courage it takes to be that person and the courage it takes to INCLUDE someone. These are the character traits we want to teach and instill in our sweet babies just as much as we want to encourage their education.
  9. Back 2 School. Back 2 Smiles. We may have all gotten a little lackadaisical in some of habits over the summer – especially dental habits. This is a great time of year to re-engage and encourage healthy dental habits. Be SURE to check out this FANTASTIC GiveAway and contest we are in the middle of – be sure to check it out. It can help you take the constant nagging out of telling your kids to brush your teeth and take the chore out of it for your kids and make it more fun! (MAKE SURE TO SEND IN YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL PICS!!)
  10. Let them know you love them – even when you’re apart. Remind them you think of them all day long. Even when they are at school. Discuss a time – say, maybe 1:30 and tell them to feel your arms wrapped around them. And not just at one time – ALL DAY LONG. Remember to leave them notes. In their lunch boxes, their books, their folders, their lockers. As I said earlier – they may not ever say anything about them to you – but trust me, these PRECIOUS reminders from YOU that they MATTER, that they are LOVED, that they are WORTHY – not only equip them with CRUCIAL life skills – it also EMPOWERS them to be their best selves!


For all of you parents, I came across some words in one of my previous posts about the Bittersweetness of Back-To-School – that touched my heart and wanted to share with you:  
 These poignant words, verses here for you..- (get your tissues ready)
By Wendy Silva
I wonder that you’re doing right now 
And if everyone is treating you kind.
I hope there’s a special person,
 A nice friend that you can find.  
I wonder if your teacher knows
Just how special you are to me.
And if the brightness of your heart
Is something she can see. 
I wonder if you are thinking about me 
And if you need a hug.
I already miss the sound of your voice,
And how you give my leg a hug. 
I wonder if you can possibly understand,
How hard it is for me to let you grow  
On this day know that my heart breaks
For this is a big step in letting my bab(ies) go. 


But remember, as courageous and brave as they may say they are – no matter their age – sometimes they all present a face of strength, yet what they really remain are vulnerable children that present a strong face.

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And here’s some things you may want to say to your sweet little ones as they head back to school also.

More than anything, love them, praise them, guide them, discipline them, encourage them – but mostly, EMPOWER them.

Have a FANTASTIC SCHOOL YEAR! Prayers for all the sweet kids, the amazing teachers and staff – and yes, to YOU: all you incredible, phenomenal EMPOWERED MOMS!


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