Apr 22

The Power Of MISmatched Socks. How They Can Empower You!

Perfectionism has robbed me of so much.

So much time.

So much energy.

And so much of my LIFE! 

If you’re at all a perfectionist, you can perfectly relate.  I will tell you, that – at once –  it is a quality that has catapulted me to fabulous victories and paralyzed me into frozen inaction.

But today was, well, in a word:  perfect.  

Because today I did this:


Yep, that’s right.

I MISmatched my socks.

Valid question. And here are some valid reasons. Ah, heck, I’m so liberated today – Let’s go multiple choice on this.

a)  I couldn’t find the damn match!!
b)   Looking for the match would’ve been a lesson in futility.
c)   Who really gives a rat’s ass.
d)   I could’ve searched the house, been pissed off at myself, cursing at how I should’ve had them all matching and lined up and I suck as a result – and I still wouldn’t have found it
e)   If I was a really good mom and really had my act together, all the laundry would all be done already, but truly the laundry is never really all ‘done’ so what’s the point
f)    My self-confidence beat up the perfeckshunist and won


g)   My sweat wasn’t going to care after all.

Ding! Ding! You’d be correct if you picked all of the above as my valid reasons.  Because the alternative of beating myself up would’ve simply furthered the DESTRUCTIVE power of perfectionism.  Let’s face it –  it certainly can be a killer.  Of self-esteem.  Of self-confidence. Of dreams. Of accomplishment.

If that perfectionist in you is robbing your time, energy, self-esteem, self-confidence and much of your life, there is hope. Instead use it to EMPOWER you.

Change your internal voice. How are you talking to yourself?  How are you framing things? You might want to really listen and check that because sometimes that’s where it starts. And the danger is that’s where it perpetuates. A cycle that can achieve and produce and command great successes, but secretly will ALWAYS keep you from even greater heights.

Use it as an example. To Yourself. Be IMperfect. ON PURPOSE. GASP! Dare I say it. Yes, on purpose. Think about it.  Most things don’t NEED to be perfect – usually, the sky doesn’t fall. In fact, It can be exhilarating. And even a little naughty. But it’s a lot EMPOWERING.

Loosen the shackles.  The image of how things should be or ought to be or might be can have destructive power. Because with perfectionism: you can see it, but you can never have it.  It’s an illusion. And can chain you to negative energy, and negative output.  Instead, release the power of the behaviors, thinking patterns and habits that keep you trapped and chained.  You can loosen the shackles. You have the key. Unlock your full potential and open up a world of possibility.


Perfect Victories. Even if they come in small, two-toned sock victories like mine.  Today I out-perfected perfectionism.

Remember, your goal is to be perfectly Imperfect.

And today, well today, I got that PERFECKT.

I am the girl with the MISmatched socks.

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