Jul 16

The Empowered Mom Milestone – Things To Do This Summer

So it’s been a busy summer of family events, things to do, places to go….   and lots of fun and discovery!

But it’s also been one of milestones…

Lemme ‘splain…

The Empowered Mom Milestone !

So, the take-aways…

1) Teaching yourself how to be empowered is one thing… but teaching your kids independence is EMPOWERING FOR THEM.

2) Kids coming home from a fun camp – thouest they protest – will be incredibly tired…    leading to…

3) It takes 2.3 seconds (or less than the time it takes to pull into the driveway and get out of the car… and they are arguing, and

4) Whining commences just beyond the excitement of I missed you’s and my favorite parts.  Especially when the (gasp) suggestion of a nap is verbalized.

5) They somehow find the Ipad or anything else electronic is warp speed once walking in the door, and…

6) We should take the lesson from the kids in this case.  They walked along the lakeshore and went on a “Treasure Hunt.”  This was one of their favorite parts…   they explored, they discovered, they uncovered, they learned and they were excited.

We should all be so fortunate.  We never know what we’ll discover.  What treasures we may find.  .What waits just around the corner for us.  What fascinating wonder we have yet to uncover.

Like these “treasures” that now mean so much to them.


 And these treasures that mean so much to me:


Keep that childlike wonder…   not only are new discoveries, and new milestones exciting – and growth-oriented for your family – they are, ultimately, EMPOWERING for you as a mom, for your family and for your precious children.

Empower Yourself Today!



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