Sep 15

MIS-information, MYSTERY & the TRE: The FACTS EMPOWER Our Kids!

Facts EMPOWER.  Fake does not.

Let’s take the MYSTERY out of the T.R.E.

Get the facts – not the fabrication.

Forget the hype – Dismiss the hysteria.

Forget misconception.

Forget misinformation.

Forget misunderstandings.


Here’s what you need to know…

As a parent, what’s one of the most important things you can impart on your children?

To me – along with love, faith, integrity and character is: EDUCATION.

It’s one of THE single MOST EMPOWERING elements we can offer our children.

And that stands to be comprised.

How can YOU EMPOWER YOURSELF as a PARENT? Inform and Educate yourself in issues.  Especially when the hype and misinformation are swirling around like the winds from an F-5 Tornado!

Having spent years as a Broadcast Journalist, Reporter and Anchor in Television News, my job is to present the FACTS of a story. To present both sides of an argument and stay objective. To gather as much information as possible and remain neutral in presenting the story. Part of journalism – as a professional writer and storyteller – includes gathering information from various sources, reviewing it, analyzing it and using critical thinking to disseminate and deliver that information to you.

And as THE EMPOWERED MOM – I utilize those same skill and techniques  My job takes all my years training, skills, expertise and education – and helps inform you so YOU can EMPOWER YOURSELF and thereby, EMPOWER your KIDS!

But I also get the opportunity to express my EDUCATED OPINION on matters.

Like the TRE.

The TRE is the Tax Ratification Election coming up in our community.  (Early voting is happening now.) But so much Improper, Ill-Informed and Flat-Out INCORRECT information is swirling – it’s making a giant sucking sound that’s very well may be the future of both our community and our children’s future.

UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION to PREVENT that from happening by VOTING YES for TRE!

Empower Yourself, Your Kids and Our Community By Informing Yourself With Facts

Empower Yourself, Your Kids and Our Community By Informing Yourself With Facts

Take a critical look at the misconceptions based on fact –Like this from Curtis Rippee, President of the McKinneyISD Board of Trustees.  Don’t make your decision based on here-say.

Analyze what’s stands in the balance and what stands to be LOST.  The scales are NOT the same.  We all lose: the kids; quality of education, our property values, and our community.

There are some groups AGAINST this and promoting, frankly, propaganda. You may have seen these signs:

Voting No Means Voting Against Our Kids

Voting No Means Voting Against Our Kids

Here’s the problem with that: It’s not just raising taxes – it’s about raising the quality of our community, our schools and our kid’s lives!

By the way, no one WANTS higher taxes – and no one wants a root canal either. But sometimes, it’s required. Before decay and infection spreads – ultimately taking over.

We all have a right to our own opinion.  I have mine on this – and many others have differing ones.

But if you have NOT informed yourself in the matter or aren’t clear on the ramifications of this – you truly NEED TO GET WITH IT!

Town Square Buzz has done an EXCELLENT job of covering this topic and presenting both sides of the topic – as have many of our community leaders, parents, administrators and fellow citizens.

You take a look for yourself.  GET INFORMED WITH FACTS.

Take the time and find out more for yourself – here’s a presentation for you to take a look that includes facts,  not opinion.

And if video is more your style – you can check out this video post from Dr. J.D. Kennedy, Superintendent of McKinney Schools.

There’s been several BRILLIANT, INFORMED and WELL-EDUCATED, WELL-INFORMED people that have taken the time to help explain what’s at stake.

Some have been in favor; some are against.

And the latter? Well, they’re wrong on this matter.


WAKE UP people – do the RIGHT THING for our city, our schools – and MOSTLY, your KIDS!




  1. Julie

    Love it … “Well, they’re wrong on this matter.”


    Not only that, some people who are against the TRE are using this opportunity to spout some truly awful “ideas” for saving money and returning our schools to the “good ol’ days.” A lot of these same people are older citizens who, if they’re over 65, aren’t even affected by this tax change. Just stay home from the polls please, and let us who have children at risk VOTE YES!

    1. The Empowered Mom

      Thankfully, voters come out (in higher numbers than usual) and the kids came out victorious! That’s the important factor all along! Thanks for your input, your feedback – and in this case – your vote! 🙂

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