Jul 19

Mid-Summer Mayhem, Summer Insanity and Things To Do in Dallas And The ‘Burbs

Let’s get real, people.  Are you like a lot of Moms at this point – about to kick the b— , err, the bored


om out of your kids?

We’re all there.  Mid-Summer.  Mid-Fun. But Mid-Insane.

It’s the Mid-Summer Blues….  the “Mom, I’m Bored!” on loop.
But here’s some fun, tips, things to do in Dallas and The ‘Burbs.





There’s the whole: “I can’t wait to spend time with my kids without homework!”  thinking and then the, “I can’t WAIT to not be driving 14 places in one day! “optimism” we have once school ends and summer begins.

And then.



At least when it comes to mid-July.

A little ‘togetherness’ is great for a family and then a little TOO MUCH togetherness – ehhhh, just may be too much.

So if you’re in the middle of the ‘Oh-holy-gawwd-I-need-a-break’ thinking and the refrains on a loop from your kiddos of, “Momma, I’m bored!” then I’ve got help.  Here we go:

Number ONE.

And most important: Have a drink.


That was for me.

(Insert evil laugh.)

There’s so many things to do in Dallas – that will keep you and your kiddos happy — AND won’t break the bank! Before you go off on an hours long internet search – the first place to stop is the Dallas Visitor Bureau’s Things To Do Page.

Here’s a list of ideas and things to do for you and your kids to keep you from locking yourself in the wine cellar:

For example:

1) Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  The learning possibilities are endless!  With interactive exhibits, workshops and a high-tech 3-D theater, your kids will learn all about the wonders of the world – from dinosaurs to DNA! Kids can race athletes and peer into the universe, build robots and feel the earth move!  They will love it; YOU will love it!

2)  A DON’T-MISS Summer Adventure!  It’s “Summer Adventures at Fair Park. This final month is HALF-PRICE!! It’s described as a,”one-stop amusement park destination!” Gotta love that!  It has 20 acres of rides, games, stage show, water play pools, fountains and misters to help you beat the heat – but still having fun in the sun! And check it out: the new park features the 500 foot Top o’ Texas ride – it’s a high-flying adventure that will give you a massive panoramic view of Big D and the metroplex!

3) Klyde Warren Park.  This baby’s a beauty! It’s Dallas’ newest pedestrian-friendly landmark – and a beautiful green oasis – in the midst of Dallas sparkling skyscrapers. Grab your kids, take a picnic basket and over 5 acres of deck park built over Woodall Roger Freeway – yep, smack in the center of Dallas.  Activities galore, food trucks and more!

3) George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The newly-crowned institute is not just history-making, its history educating! Learn about our nation’s history during President George W. Bush’s career – and helps promote an understanding of presidency, American history and public policy.

4) CAMPS. CAMPS. CAMPS. Can we say it again?  We’ve said it before summer, all summer and mid-summer.  Your kids love it, you love it and your wallet loves it!! Here’s one we’ve managed to offer you a special discount on: The Strike Zone in McKinney.  Now as you start gearing up for fall baseball and soccer seasons – make sure your kids are ready!  Coming up August 5 – Strike Zone is holding a week-long soccer camp.  This is a great skills camp that you will want you kids to take part in if they are soccer nuts.  Baseball Tune-up camp is coming the week of August 12th.  Defensive and Offensive skills.  This is a great camp to get your kids tuned up for baseball or softball season which begins in about 3-4 weeks. The Empowered Mom’s boys will be in this camp – guaranteed.  The Strike Zone has the best coaches we have run into yet.


Here is the special discount you can ONLY get from The Empowered Mom.  When signing up for either of these camps you MUST mention “The Empowered Mom” to get a discount off the price of the camps. Contact Beth Drennan at beth@strikezonemckinney.com or bcdrennan@yahoo.com to sign up for either or both of the camps.  And don’t forget to mention “The Empowered Mom”!

5) Dallas Zoo.  We take our zoo to the Dallas Zoo. They love it. We love it.  It’s the largest in Texas and boasts one of the finest wildlife displays in the nation.  Don’t miss the Giants of Savanna and Wilds of Africa Exhibit.  Every time we go – we see and learn something different.  It’s always a perfect family activity!

6) Legoland Discovery Center.   And of course y’all know we are a LEGOHOUSE through and through – we LIVE Lego Bricks and Minifigures: so if you have any little enginneers-in-training, and know the pain of stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night, then you won’t want to miss:

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth is hosting LEGO Club Weekend August 3-4. Just stop by the retail shop to sign up for LEG

O Club (if you’re not already a member) and then enjoy a fun-filled exciting weekend that includes creative build competitions, LEGO Champion board games, a challenge to guess how many bricks it took to build various LEGO creations, giveaways and fun prizes.

Creative build challenges will take place on Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4 at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. at the center at Grapevine Mills with sign up beginning 30 minutes prior to each start time. Space is limited.

7) Dallas Aquarium.  We can never get enough of this place!  We love it! Tucked in downtown Dallas, this experience takes you from the upper branches of the trees

8) CAMPS. CAMPS. CAMPS.  See Number 4 above.

9) The Library.  There are more libraries than we can list.  And this is much more than the Dewey-Decimal System. Today’s libraries feature a digital destination that this digital generation adores.  No, I’m not a paid spokesperson – but I am an Empowered Mom empowering her kids.  How?  Education.  And it’s often disguised in FUN!  This is a perfect example!

10) Family Time.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.  Whatever works best for your family ‘personality’.  Taking a break is great, but so is taking time to re-connect — And not just tolerate.  Admit it. That’s what a lot of us tend to do.  But if you act INTENTIONALLY, and EMPOWER yourself – you WILL EMPOWER YOUR KIDS.

And… if that’s not enough for you – we’ll be back again helping you save your sanity, keep the kids crackin’ and helping you with all the things to do in Dallas!

Until then – see you in the wine cellar!



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    1. The Empowered Mom

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you found it informative and a great resource! Keep checking in daily for new and updated/current happenings and so you and your family can be in the know on what’s hot, what’s hip and what’s happening! Have an awesome day!
      Maria Luce AKA The Empowered Mom

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