May 31

In The Mirror I See

This is really hard. So, this is me baring my soul.  This is revealing and – at the same time- empowering. Not what I’d intended to post today. But I know many will relate, empathize and understand.  This is what was on my heart to write and share with you. 


In the mirror I see

A lot of failure in me.

The mirror reflects back

Only a person on attack.

Why can’t I be

The best friend to me?

Instead all I do

is repeat the bad to you.

When instead there lies

So much that’s beautiful in my eyes.

Why am I the first

To attack with the worst?

Why these glasses of negativity

Instead of all the good that others see.

Why do I push such hate on me

When through tears I write and can not even see.

I have no illusions of who I am

But why do I push such crap and spam?

Why can I not love and just show Grace

For the reflection in the mirror of my face.

If I were my child or even my best friend

I would show loyalty to the end.

Why the hate, why the failure, why such ‘you don’t do enough’

When I would only LOVE someone else SO much.

So I reveal my soul, hoping you can relate

And give back love, not hate.

So this I wish for me, for all –

That we would love ourselves, all of y’all.

I continue my path, God as my guide;

I know His love is deep and wide.

Thank you, as I learn to love myself

Empower and not put on a shelf.

This reveal, this authenticity

Is part of you, certainly part of me.

I wish from now on only hope, only love,

Continuing as my guide, God above.

Wishing you love, and empowerment today, my friends.  Thank you for letting me share just a part a who I am – and a part of the journey that is: THE EMPOWERED MOM.

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