Jul 08

Empowered Independence – Empowering Your Kids

Independence. Empowered.

The pinnacle pillar of our great nation.

It’s Empowering, after all, isn’t it?

And teaching your kids the significance of the holiday also empowers them.

There’s so many great things to do for families and kids this time of year.  And this holiday was jam-packed with excitement!!

Fireworks, pool parties, parades, cook-outs were just part of it. This year my kids learned about building a business.

Especially with this…

The Empowered Mom blasting off like Fireworks!

The Empowered Mom Blasting Off Like Fireworks!

With my business, The Empowered Mom, really exploding like fireworks (couldn’t resist the pun) – this past holiday weekend was surely evidence of that.

And any of you out there following along this journey – whether working from home and starting a business or running your own business – it’s a thrilling, scary, fun and exciting road.  The Empowered Mom community is growing faster than I imagined.  Oh, trust me, I KNEW it’d be successful – just not at this speed.  And there’s a lot of bumps in the road – but man, is it cool!  (More announcements coming soon – STAY TUNED!)

This past holiday weekend was yet another step (or ride along the road- if you will) in the journey of growth in the company.

The City of McKinney holds a fantastic city-wide celebration over the 4th of July weekend.  There’s always tons of things to do.  But one of our favorite is the classic 4th of July parade.

This year we were honored to take part in the parade.


The Empowered Mom – Patriotic, Proud, Powerful


The Empowered Mom loves McKinney!


Luce Law, PC – Proud McKinney Business – Proud to Support the Community

IMG_7139 IMG_7140 IMG_7142 IMG_7149 IMG_7153 IMG_7169 IMG_7196 IMG_7199 IMG_7200 IMG_7201 IMG_7203 IMG_7204


So not only was it flat out family fun.  It was also an opportunity to connect more with the community – all the while marketing The Empowered Mom.  The best part:  My kids took part.  From the marketing materials, to passing out business cards, to talking about the company – the kids are EMPOWERING themselves, seeing what it takes to launch and run a business and aspects of marketing that go into it.  This has been a huge lesson for these boys.  You have a goal, you get involved, you make a difference – you go with your purpose and passion – and the results WILL FOLLOW.

For the kids, though, this was the best part:

IMG_2627 IMG_2629 IMG_2630

IMG_2622 IMG_2621 IMG_2619 IMG_2634 IMG_2631 IMG_2626 IMG_2624 IMG_7202 IMG_7167 IMG_7166 IMG_7165


Luce Law, PC – one of, if not THE top law firms around – was KIND enough to sponsor the bad-to-the-bone convertible Maserati I sported in and was lucky enough to drive. Oh holy sweetness – that bad-boy is now on my “I WANT” list!  They’re lucky I even returned it! 🙂

One of the things I’m EXTREMELY proud of is my association as a weekly columnist as “The Empowered Mom” with TownSquareBuzz.com. “TSB” is a STELLAR group of people, experienced journalists and a top-notch organization.  Specializing in hyper-local news in McKinney, surrounding communities and Collin County.  It’s your go-to source for hyper-local happenings and to be ‘in the know’.

So I stand proud as a citizen of McKinney.

Proud I can empower my children by engaging them (MAKING them work) to build the business.

And PROUD to be an American!


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