Nov 10

How Your Morning Coffee Can Empower You!

Your morning cup of coffee can be filled with more than a jolt of caffeine.  How bout an extra shot of EMPOWERMENT! Here’s how your morning cup of joe can change your day…

Grateful for the empowering moments- whenever they may be.

Yes, you can Empower yourself even in your stolen moments – but being conscious in your thoughts, your vision, your attitude can be like recharging yourself by the time you’ve finished your first cup of coffee!


And of course, the caffeine doesn’t hurt!

How? You ask?  Here’s a couple easy, yet powerful perks you can use to make a difference and start your day out right:

  • – Take time today to recharge yourself- your mind, your soul by consciously filling more than just your coffee cup – fill yourself with encouraging thoughts, beliefs, inspiration, spiritual love — and EMPOWER your world to whole new heights!!
  • Think of your specific goals – and what ACTION ITEMS you can make happen today to advance you to your goals.
  • Make a mental note – or write down a note – of at least ONE THING YOU CAN DO TODAY. Just one thing – at least. And MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Big or small – getting you where you want to go is a matter of steps – AND THEY ALL MATTER.
  • Make it a HABIT to begin your day with powerful, inspiring thoughts and words.  Here’s a great resource if you need an extra shot of “Empowering Espresso”.

Thinking of you and wishing you powerful, EMPOWERING energy!!

(And I must add – THANK YOU to Keurig and Breville for brewing up this morning’s cup o’ joe for me…  Today’s flavor choice? Keurig’s Pumpkin Spice. Yum!)

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