May 03

When Mom’s Work Is Dangerous

On Sunday night, CBS News journalist Lara Logan spoke on 60 Minutes about being attacked by a mob during the ousting of Egyptian president

Lara Logan - CBS News

Hosni Mubarak in February. The television interview, her first since the assault, was a chilling reminder of the danger that journalists can encounter and the additional considerations any working mom must consider when facing a risky situation in the course of her career.

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It was difficult to watch the frank and detailed description Lara Logan gave of being sexually assaulted and nearly killed, and how close she came to never seeing her children again. I admire her bravery in speaking openly, when many rape survivors — quite understandably — choose to remain anonymous. She talked about going public with the sexual assault as an act of solidarity with other female reporters in war zones or turbulent areas who have been raped.

Especially moving were Lara Logan’s comments about fighting the 25-minute long assault because she wanted to stay alive for her daughter and son, who are just one and two years old. She mentioned the strength and healing she received in supportive letters from viewers and colleagues during her recuperation. “I wish people could truly understand that none of those letters went into a vacuum. It was such incredible thoughtfulness that really lifted me up,” she said.

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