Apr 19

The Myth of Doing It All

I’ve been doing lots of reading lately.  I’m studying what makes some of these mom blogs so successful.  And along the way I am finding some that I really like.  It’s interesting that I’m drawn to original, well written content.  Some of it so good, I want to share them with you.

Let’s start with Mom-101.  This is a great site that many of you may already read. Liz is a great writer who I have enjoyed reading for some time.  And she has a great new post I think you should read:

The Myth of Doing It All

When you ask a working mom about how she does it all, it either puts her in the position to say something disparaging about herself (check) or deliver an answer that makes the questioner feel somehow inadequate for doing less.

As a new mom blogger – I’m very concerned about what is going to happen when the kids get out of school this summer.  The yelling, screaming, fighting…..its all going to get in the way of writing I’m sure.  So I either start working and writing on the night shift or figure out some other solution.

How do the rest of you find time to write in the summer when the kids are home?

Since I live in the Dallas area I check in often with She is Dallas. Lots of great ideas about what is happening here in the Metroplex (can you believe that is what they call it?).

There is a great post over there with lots of ideas on what to do with my boys this summer.  I bet you can take many of these ideas and see if they are happening in your area as well.  Check out  Day Camps for Summer 2011.

Finally, Jen Singer’s MamaSaid.net has some classic all over it.  It is almost a guilty pleasure to read.  In a recent post she talks about how her two boys have completely reconfigured her environment.  I can so relate to this.   Take a moment to read Feng Shui For Toddlers.

What about you?  What kind of content would you like to see me post more?  Text? Pictures? Video?  Please take a moment to comment down below and let me know what you think.  I really am interested!

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  1. Mom101

    Thank you so much for the kind words Maria. Honored to be included here.

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