May 04

The Empowered Mom (Maria Luce)- In Action ON CAMERA! Take A Look!

TV is in my blood – Anchor, reporter, spokesperson. Yep, been there, did it – for years.

Still do. It’s kinda like my drug.

Look, here’s the deal:  I’m simply “at home” in front of a camera or a live audience!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

And SO many of you have been asking when it will debut – and since video/TV will be a key aspect of The Empowered Mom – I thought I’d let you see a bit.

We are soon unfolding that aspect of The Empowered Mom TV on the main page of the site but thought I’d show you this here.


This is a introduction or bio for some corporate videos I do for an amazing company, Splash Media.

Maria Luce is a communicator, a storyteller, a journalist. She has a gift for spotting just the right story at just the right time, and for asking the questions that yield treasures others miss.
She’s been described as tenacious, clever, connected, relevant, effective, accurate and sophisticated: an image Maria earned over years of experience, as a reporter in one of the nation’s Top 5 Media Markets, a main anchor for one of East Texas’ most successful newscasts, at large advertising agencies and nationally known media consulting companies, a magazine writer, wordsmith and a lifelong scribe.

Yep, that’s me, Maria Luce – also known as The Empowered Mom.

Check me out on Facebook: The Empowered Mom Page AND CLICK “LIKE” WHILE YOU”RE THERE!!!


Check me out on Facebook and while you’re there – CLICK ‘LIKE’ PLEASE!!!!!

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