Apr 01

The Brain Drain Cabernet. Comfort Me With Cabernets.

By Demand and Popular Request I am re-posting one of my posts – and one of my personal favorites.  Salute! 

Comfort me with Cabernets.
My brain’s not screwed in tight.
Help me plug my ears in case it
Wanders out of sight.
With a new vintage in one hand
And a corkscrew on my right
I forget about the world
And I sleep just fine at night.
I feel like The Brain Drain Cabernet did write itself.  Thank you, Dr., for the inspiration from Greatheart And The Brain Drain:The above poem I wrote – actually it seems it wrote itself.  Sometimes that happens.  And depending on your sense of humor – I give the blame, or credit to Dr. Seuss and the wonders of  http://www.seussville.com/.    


Dr. Seuss was not only an author classic books, he wrote many poems.   I stumbled across Greatheart and The Brain Drain as I wrote my post, , Scrambled Brains And Ham,  


I was seeking just the perfect words. This poem cracked me up and I penned  several in afterwards in his honor.

Because – you know the feeling – sometimes I burn through keyboards, fingers desperate to keep up with the words and thoughts overflowing from my brain.

And then there are the times when I curse the cursor.

Blinking, blinking, Taunting me, waiting, waiting, naa-naa-na-na-na.  Waiting for just the right verbiage.

Not this time, this is what my fingers blazed:

Words. More words. Too many – it jumbles.
The synapsis fires, but the message is mumbled.
Hear it? There it goes, another neuron fires
Process in motion, before complete — it tires.
Wait! I remember – I had something to do-
Oops, no I lost it, that thought gone too.
Too much to do, the order scrim-scram
A ‘supposed to’ oops, a muttering, ‘damn’.
Lists, they can help and often they do
but then my list of lists – it gets lost too.
So then the solution, how I’ve thought of many
Tried on several, yes, there’s been plenty.
The answer right now, ah, I know it, it’s true
A deep rich cabernet , not one maybe two
Pour Self-medication full in a glass
As I tell all the demands to just kiss my —

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