Mar 31

Teens Sacrifice Animals to end Baseball Losing Streak?!

Animal sacrifice?!  To end a baseball losing streak.  Unheard of, right?

No, apparently not.

Police in the Fort Worth suburb of  Benbrook, Texas, say a 15- and 16-year-old “engaged in acts that caused the death of two baby chickens. It appears that superstition relating to a slump in baseball performance could have played a part.”

Animal Sacrificed To End Baseball Losing Streak?

While they won’t say how the chicks were killed, the boys have apparently admitted their behavior to authorities.

Western Hills High School baseball coach Bobby McIntire says he has not had a chance to talk to the students about why they did it. He told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that “baseball is very superstitious” and the idea possibly came from movies they say.

Today is opening day for baseball!  But the season is over for these two teens.  They have been cut from the team for the rest of the season.

Ya think?



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