Jun 14

So You Have a Blog, Now What? Critical Info You Need To Know.

So You Want To Talk Empowered?

I packed the hubbs on a plane to Kansas City and off we went this past weekend to figure out this whole bloggy thing I have been doing for several weeks.  It’s about time, huh?

We went to something called WordCamp KC. WordCamps are community organized meetings for users of WordPress – the blogging platform that I use.  The Organizers, Jacob McDaniel, Josepha Haden and Val Bontrager compiled their thoughts, ideas, and flawlessly executed a WordCamp the first time they tried it.  All of these folks are pretty cool people I quickly found out.  One of the brightest people at the conference was Syed Balhis – a 20 something kid that appears to have forgotten  more about blogging than I have learned.  Very fun and entertaining presenter as well.

Syed Balkhis and The Empowered Mom

Expert Blogger Syed Balkhis and The Empowered Mom

Wasn’t really sure what was going to happen at this so-called WordCamp.  Having never been to one – I thought here I go – just put myself out there and see what sticks.  I was really impressed.

Sure there were a bunch of tech geeks at the thing.  But Jacob and Josepha did a great job keeping the content people separated from the developers.  And that allowed the novices like me to learn a bunch of new stuff.

So here it is – what I learned at (Word) Camp this week:



  • If you are not making money off your blog or spending some time with some of the best authorities in the business, you are missing out.
  • I now know the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO
  • There are people out there who already know more about my blog than I do
  • There are seven steps to creating a very successful blog (more on that in another post)
  • There is a new social media site that is likely to take off soon.  It is called EmpireAvenue.com
  • There are Five Steps To Good SEO.  You can find the Five Steps here on a great new friends site called The Guavalicious Life

I’ve spent the weekend with some of the BEST people in the business as well.  The aforementioned Syed Balkhis was as knowledgeable about blogs as anyone I have met yet on this journey.  This 20 year old has already created, produced and sold dozens of blogs and is not shy about saying he is on his way to his first billion dollars.  He owns the very popular and very informative WPBeginner website.  This is one guy to keep your eye on.

But the best part of the weekend (outside of being with hubby and no kids) were the new people we met.


Jodi Danziger and The Empowered Mom

My new friend Jodi Danziger



The Greatest Realtor in all of Kansas City!





Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Fitness and The Empowered Mom

Pamela Hernandez and The Empowered Mom



A very cool new friend who runs Thrive Personal Fitness in Springfield, MO.

There were many, many more who I know I will keep in contact and network with over the coming months.

This was a very fun, educational and profitable experience that I look forward to going to again next year!!


  1. Tommy Pierucki

    So glad you got the opportunity to attend a WordCamp! There’s always a ton more to learn, and always work to be done. Looking forward to seeing all of this take off!

  2. Jodi Danziger

    LOVE the post…and not just because there is a pic of us!! Great info! Can’t wait to keep reading your blogs and learn together!!! love you!

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