Apr 13

Rockin’ It “Most Beautiful.” Empowered Beauty.

How do YOU define beauty?  What makes someone beautiful?

The answer to that changes constantly.  But one thing is for sure – The Empowered Mom knows “beautiful” starts from within. It’s only reflected and displayed on the outside.  Perfect features are eclipsed by fear and doubt.  Self-confidence is the sexiest thing going!!

Face it though, some people did get lucky when it comes to DNA.  They struck it rich in the gene pool – and the proof is in the photos.

People magazine’s annual Most Beautiful People list was released this morning – and sure enough – there are beauties galore.  Topping the list…

Jennifer Lopez tops Most Beautiful List!

Jennifer Lopez takes the honor.  This is the 11th time she’s been on the list.

Let me tell you what – That JLo is having quite the year!  This Empowered Mom has reinvented herself as gorgeous, friendly, and 2011’s media darling, thanks in part to her judging duties on American Idol.

A lot of people out there are saying there are many YOUNGER women who are a better choice than the 41-year-old JLo.  The mother of 3-year-old twins says, taking care of herself is ‘part of her job.’

I personally think it’s SO not about age – beauty is way beyond your looks, your birthdays or your bank account.

What do you think?  Please post a comment below or go to The Empowered Mom Facebook Page and weigh in there.

Oh! And for some more eye-candy, there are many other uber-gorgeous people on the list.  Check it out People’s Most Beautiful List.

It’s SO easy to get caught up in the the photo-shopped, air-brushed, and sometimes altered images we see splashed across computers, magazine covers, billboards and television.

Remember, “Empowered” is a beauty trait so far beyond our looks and our physical qualities.  In fact, EMPOWERMENT explodes the traditional idea of ‘beautiful.’  It’s a quality so strong, so fulfilling – so beautiful that looks are only part of the equation.

If you’re EMPOWERED, you’re already ON the Most Beautiful List.

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