Apr 05

“Racy. Tasty. Sassy. Yummy.” Top 50 Empowering Words – Take Two

Yesterday you may know my post was Game Changer! Top 50 Most Empowering Words .

A power-inducing, shot of verbal self-esteem and jet-fuel for your confidence.   If you didn’t check it out – do it now!

Today, a different take.   A VERY different take.

This is titled: “Racy. Tasty. Sassy. Yummy.” For a reason.

So, heads up!!   This is not exactly Kindergarten curriculum.  This is, however, fun.

And a bit naughty. A bit nasty.  A taste of decadence.

So get the kids out of the room, lock the door, unplug your rotary phone, cover the windows in tinfoil, and….buckle-in.  It’s gonna be a fun ride!

This started as a funny text between a girlfriend and I….and wound up with us laughing til we cried… and laughing at ourselves.  Hope you get a kick out of this too!

This is more like the Top Empowering ‘Feel-Good’ Words..

  1. Spa Day
  2. Cabernet
  3. Dark Chocolate
  4. Girl’s Night
  5. Lasagna
  6. Massage
  7. Merlot
  8. Martinis
  9. Shopping
  10. Self-Tanner
  11. Bikini-Waxes
  12. Manicures
  13. Pedicures
  14. Shiraz
  15. Retin-A
  16. Dry-Cleaners
  17. Malbec
  18. Vacation
  19. Babysitter
  20. Champagne
  21. Sex Toys
  22. Raspberry Filling
  23. Shopping
  24. Running
  25. Laughing
  26. Sex
  27. Lip Gloss
  28. Bubble-Baths
  29. DVRs
  30. Dancing
  31. Stilletos
  32. Pinot Noir
  33. Highlights
  34. Concealer
  35. PJ Day
  36. Facials
  37. Cell phone
  38. Christian Louboutin
  39. Botox
  40. IPad
  41. Dictionary
  42. Google
  43. Tequila
  44. Louis Vuitton
  45. Reservations
  46. Neiman-Marcus
  47. Gucci
  48. Diamonds
  49. Spanx
  50. Gold
  51. Vibrator
  52. Vodka
  53. Gulfstream 650
  54. Blindfold
  55. Lust
  56. Tuscany
  57. Sex
  58. Eating Clean
  59. Lifting Weights

And no – it’s not 50, it’s actually it’s 59.  But this is my list, so I can do what I want.  Plus, I couldn’t stop at 50.  In fact, I’d keep going but it might degenerate quickly into Mommy’s Gone Wild.

Oh! And one last thing: those words aren’t necessarily in order… 😉   And yes, I know 26 and 57 are repeats, but hey – I’m Italian.  🙂

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